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My Villain Academia (僕のヴィランアカデミア Boku no Viran Akademia?) is the one hundred and eighth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the twentieth episode of the fifth season.


Gigantomachia attacks the League of Villains.

As Tomura Shigaraki continues his painful experimentation, he remembers back to the events that led to this point. He first recalls Kurogiri’s words to him, prior to his capture, about seeking out a “power” All For One left behind for him, that he went to go retrieve. He then thinks back to about 2 months ago, in October, when the League of Villains encounter said power, Gigantomachia.

Gigantomachia proceeds to rampage around, crying to his "Master" about how weak Tomura is. A voice on a nearby radio, which Tomura recognizes as All For One’s Doctor, tells them that he used to be All For One’s bodyguard, and thanks to his extraordinary stamina, is able to handle multiple Quirks without modification. He says how shortly after All For One took Tomura in, he hid Gigantomachia away, believing he’d soon be defeated by All Might.

Dabi attempts to fight Gigantomachia.

Dabi questions his usefulness, with the Doctor proclaiming that his loyalty is so strong, he’s in despair when faced with Tomura in comparison. Dabi shoots a wave of fire toward Gigantomachia, but he simply charges straight through it, completely unaffected by it. Hearing All For One’s recorded voice coming out of the radio causes him to halt and start caressing it.

Tomura states he doesn’t want him, with the Doctor laughing at how spoiled he’s become. The League are then suddenly engulfed in black ooze coming from their mouth, which they recognize as the Warping Quirk All For One used in Kamino, with the Doctor telling them to have a talk with him.

The League re-emerge in an underground laboratory, where they find themselves amongst tanks filled with large Nomu. The Doctor, sitting in front of a computer at the end of the lab, refers to them as “High-End Nomu”, powerful Super Nomu that are even closer to his desired masterpiece. Tomura asks if he’d be able to duplicate something, while the Doctor asks how Tomura’s “father” and everyone are doing.

The Doctor's secret lab.

He explains that he secretly transported the League to keep his location hidden, introducing himself as an aide to All For One: Daruma Ujiko, an admitted alias. Daruma states that everything he has worked towards has been for the sake of All For One, and that he’s only been giving Tomura bits and pieces of his resources because he wants to see if he is worthy of his full devotion, questioning what it is that he has to show him.

Tomura mentions how he doesn’t remember anything since before meeting All For One and Daruma, yet when he puts his hands on himself, he starts to swell up with rage. He recalls his earliest memory as a young Tenko Shimura, alone and scared in an alley, when he’s approached and comforted by All For One, taking him in his arms, dismissing all the people who abandoned and refused to help, stating he is there for him now.

Tenko is taken a room, where All For One says he will be his “Master.” When Tenko asks what he will teach him, Daruma arrives with the hands of his family members, their last remains after he had murdered them. This causes Tenko to receive a violent shock to his emotional state, seeing fragmented glimpses of old memories of his family, before vomiting. Daruma asks if All For One will tinker with him, but All For One decides not, so that the feelings of hatred will linger within Tenko, as he will teach him where to direct his irritation.

"Why not destroy everything?"

In the present, Tomura states that when he has his family’s hands on him, it makes him feel both sick, but also calm in a way. Despite the fragmented images that remain in his empty mind, no matter what he fills it with, anger comes gushing out of it endlessly. He continues that even if hero society collapsed and he were to rule from the shadows, that hatred will never go away, so if he must hate everything, he will destroy everything, proclaiming to Daruma he will do everything to make this a reality.

Daruma laughs in response to Tomura’s tenacity, accepting to assist him. Himiko Toga asks Tomura if he will also destroy the things she loves, which he says there is always room for his comrade’s wishes, so they can live how they see fit. Daruma tells him that he always planned to help him from the start, and has more power for him, however he can’t hand it over yet since the League are too weak. He tells them that if they can get Gigantomachia to submit to them, he will offer his full support.

Dabi refuses to help out, which Himiko jokes is because his fire was ineffective, while he claims he has found a good ally and wants to focus on that, with Tomura looking forward to seeing the results. Daruma proceeds to request Dabi’s help with a test for one of the High-Ends, even though he’s still less than interested. Tomura asks for them to be sent back, as Daruma gives them ear pieces to stay in contact. He then has his little Nomu, Johnny, warp them back to the ruins. Facing Gigantomachia again, Tomura happily states that the “future king” has returned.

The League continuing to battle Gigantomachia.

By December, the League has continued their assault on Gigantomachia. Spinner thinks about how even after a month and a half of fighting, he still has yet to accept Tomura. He mentions how he attacks for over 48 hours without breaks, sleeps for about 3 hours, before attacking again. He notes that even with Tomura getting barely any sleep and constantly being attacked, he’s still able to smile. Since Tomura is his only true target, the rest of the League take turns to rest themselves.

With the small amount of money given to them by Daruma, Himiko buys a duffel coat for herself. Spinner asks Himiko, since she initially joined the League because of Stain, why she is still there when there’s no longer any trace of him. Himiko gleefully states that she loves Stain, Izuku, and Ochaco, and just loves becoming the ones she loves, which Spinner brushes off.

The League check the news.

The two re-connect with Twice, Mr. Compress, and Tomura, who notes how much slower Gigantomachia has gotten since they’ve started. Twice suddenly gets a call from Giran, who Mr. Compress has been trying to get in contact with to no avail. Twice loudly answers the phone, until he hears a disguised voice coming out of the phone instead, addressing him. The voice asks them to look up the news, where they find a broadcast showing fingers that have been placed in front of the Shie Hassaikai Compound, Hosu City, the Chuo Expressway, Kamino Ward, and Fukuoka, which the League recognizes as all places they have been to.

The voice introduces himself as Re-Destro, the leader of the Meta Liberation Army, who Tomura recognizes as having sold some books lately. Twice angrily asks what happened to Giran, who he says is still alive, currently tied up next to him. He declares the Liberation Army’s objective to liberate meta powers and rebuild the world where people can freely use their abilities.

Just like with the Shie Hassaikai, the League believe the Meta Liberation Army just wants to use their name, with Tomura telling them to release Giran and asking to call back later once they’re finished their current plans. However, Re-Destro states Giran is their hostage, and that even though he managed to delete his client list and keep silent even after his fingers were cut off, they managed to restore the data anywhere.

Re-Destro's declaration of war.

Re-Destro continues that the Liberation Army has been planning for this moment, with over 110,000 warriors to the cause throughout the nation. Spinner thinks they’re bluffing, until he reveals the League’s location, having pinpointed them with their satellite cameras, threatening to inform the Pro Heroes of their location. He says that the Liberation Army must be ruled by a “Destro”, and that the League of Villains have gotten too big, so they will crush them personally, signalling the revival of the Army. He tells them to come to Deika City within the hour, and to decide whether to die by their hands or at the hands of the Heroes.

The League question what their next move should be, while Twice remains adament that they go to rescue Giran, the one who gave him a purpose when he was lost. Himiko wonders if he’s even still alive, but Twice still insists on going to save him, even without a plan. Tomura then pulls of Twice’s mask, causing him to calm down/freak out, with Tomura saying he has a plan.

Tomura ready to face the Army.

Contacting Daruma and confirming the current status of Gigantomachia and Dabi, Tomura asks for him to warp them to Deika. Spinner questions how to deal with their supposed 110,000 army, with Tomura revealing that he knows Gigantomachia isn’t invincible, he just has too much “HP”, and since he will come after him no matter where he is, he’ll lure the beast to the Liberation Army and let them fight each other, which will finally wear him out. Daruma laughs at his sneakiness, while also wondering if it turns out to be a bluff, with Tomura brushing it off meaning they’ll just easily die. Putting Twice’s mask on him, Tomura looks off confidently stating he will crush them all.

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Anime & Manga Differences

  • The fight between the League of Villains and the Creature Rejection Clan is cut out, as well as the scenes of the League in their worn-down hideout; the episode starts with Gigantomachia's entrance.
  • Gigantomachia is seen wearing pants in the anime; in the manga, he isn't seen wearing pants until the formation of the Paranormal Liberation Front.
  • The League's confrontation with Gigantomachia is shorter, as the anime skips the part of Gigantomachia's initial subduing of the League.
  • Doctor Ujiko telling Mr. Compress and the League to keep their distance from him is cut.
  • Spinner's narration from the end of chapters 220 and 222 are omitted.
  • When Tomura expresses his desire to destroy everything, the accompanying images of people leading calm lives are left out in the anime.
  • Spinner's realization that Tomura is also hollow is left out in the anime.
  • The anime leaves out Gigantomachia's line that a king should inspire dread.
  • In the anime, the news doesn't physically show Giran's severed fingers.
  • Spinner's Quirk Gecko is revealed earlier rather than later.


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