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The Unforgiven (許されざる者 Yurusarezaru-mono?) is the one hundred and sixth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the eighteenth episode of the fifth season.


Several years ago, Endeavor captured a villain named Takami and sent him into custody. He angrily wonders out loud if the officer thought about All Might capturing him faster, before warning them about the criminal. As he's approached by the media, a person known as "Ending" also witnesses Endeavor, and becomes immediately entranced by his ferocity. Seven years prior, he was captured by Endeavor alive, annoyed at having "missed his chance", and after being released from custody, discovers the location of the Todoroki Abode, intent on making Endeavor finally "end things". He jacks himself up with Trigger, following Natsuo who had just left the house.

Fuyumi thanks Izuku for being Shoto's friend.

Izuku and Katsuki sit in the dining room with Shoto and Fuyumi, who explain about their other brother, Toya. Fuyumi talks about how close he and Natsuo were, and how he died soon after their mother was hospitalized, worsening her condition even more, to the point that Shoto couldn't even see her. However, even with Shoto and Rei starting to reconcile, Natsuo still can't let go of his hostility toward their father, blaming him for Toya's death. She apologizes for bringing it up, as Endeavor arrives to bring them back to school.

Izuku thanks Fuyumi for the meal, Katsuki asks to send him her tofu recipe, and Endeavor thanks her for setting it all up. She takes Izuku's hand and thanks him for being Shoto's friend. Meanwhile, Natsuo calls up his girlfriend, apologizing for bailing on their plans and setting up something for the following day, when he's suddenly attacked by Whitelines.

On the road, Endeavor tells them that alongside weekends they'll be working at least two days during the school week. Izuku thinks about how they also have to prepare for finals, asking Shoto to help him in English, while Katsuki is annoyed at how small the car is. Endeavor's driver, Untenmaru Kurumada, fires back in response, surprised at Endeavor taking kids along for the ride.

Ending holding Natsuo hostage.

Just then, the car is attacked by the Whitelines, controlled by Ending, as everyone notices Natsuo covered up by them swinging in the air. As the car crashes, Endeavor blasts out of it and confronts the villain. Ending asks if he remembers him, which he does, causing him to gleefully react to. Ending continues that he always respected Endeavor for having things he would never have, and that he desires for Endeavor to kill him. He knows that heroes aren't supposed to kill at all, however, he points out that Endeavor killed the Nomu, and that he considers him to be the same as it, so should just burn him with ease.

Katsuki, Shoto, and Izuku bust their way out of the car, as Untenmaru sends out their Hero Equipment, which Izuku throws to his classmates. Ending sends his Whitelines to distract the three, but they are easily able to deal with them, thanks to thinking about Endeavor's lessons. Irritated by their appearance, Ending starts to back away, leading Endeavor to try and give chase. However, seeing Natsuo's scared face causes him to stop and hesitate, unsure of what to do.

Endeavor's trainees run ahead to stop Ending.

The internees run ahead of him, with Shoto storing up his power, ready to attack Ending. In response, he uses his Whitelines to pick up nearby cars with people inside, throwing them into the air, while simultaneously putting Natsuo in front of a moving train. Katsuki uses his power to blast fast enough to grab and save Natsuo, while Izuku jumps into the air, and concentrating, successfully unleashes Blackwhip to grab all the cars, declaring that no one is dying today. Shoto attacks Ending with a fiery punch, trapping him in ice, while Izuku lets the cars down safely, as the civilians thank him for saving them. All the while, Endeavor looks on amazed at how fast the students have grown in just one week.

Endeavor runs up to Katsuki and Natsuo, hugging them both, before Katsuki breaks free. After confirming Ending is secured and the civilians are saved, Katsuki gloats to Endeavor that they managed to beat a villain faster than him, which he thanks them for covering for his mistake, disappointing Katsuki he wasn't angrier. After Natsuo breaks free as well, Endeavor apologizes to him, believing if he rescued him he wouldn't speak to him ever again. He continues that he never intended on shunning them, but ran away from the responsibility, admitting he might as well have killed Toya. Natsuo fires back that he has no intention of ever forgiving him, since he's not kind like Shoto, while Endeavor points out that he still continues to show up for Fuyumi and Rei's sakes, and making an effort to help Fuyumi bring back a sense of family.

Endeavor accepts that Natsuo will never forgive him.

He tells him that he is kind, and that it's okay if he doesn't forgive him, since he just wants to atone. Natsuo starts to tear up, still thinking about all that's happened, wondering why he has to change, and what his father could do to atone, which Endeavor already has an idea for. At the same time, Ending breaks down in tears over seeing Endeavor in his current state, and that the dazzling light he believed in has given out.

The police arrive to take Ending away, noting that his Quirk was boosted by the drug. Untenmaru warns Endeavor to be careful since it's the second time he's been targeted this week, noting how darkness never seems to go away, while Endeavor looks toward his interns, saying how the light won't go away either. To the side, Natsuo thanks the three for saving him, asking about Katsuki's Hero name. Izuku believes it's just "Bakugo", but when he points out that's wrong, he excitedly asks him to tell him his Hero name, which he angrily refuses to, towards he or Shoto, wanting to tell someone else first. Endeavor thinks about how Hawks really does have a good eye, while elsewhere, he wonders if Endeavor is thinking about him.

After dropping the three off at U.A., Endeavor and Natsuo return back to their home, where Fuyumi is exasperated to learn he was captured by a villain and rescued by Shoto and his friends. Endeavor then tells her that he knows she's been doing all the work making a home they can bring their mom back into, and that they plan to build a new house for the two of them to move into that they can welcome Rei into as well. When Fuyumi asks about Endeavor, he thinks about his dream where his family is enjoying themselves without him, and wondering what he can do for them, decides the best thing is to stay at home by himself.

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Anime & Manga Differences

  • The anime adds a flashback to Ending witnessing Endeavor capturing Mr. Takami several years prior.
  • The anime adds a scene where Natsuo is talking with his girlfriend on the phone before getting captured by Ending.
  • Several parts of the fight against Ending are changed:
    • The interns fight against some of Ending's white-lines after escaping the car in the anime.
    • Shoto freezes part of Ending before striking him with a fire attack in the manga. This does not happen in the anime.
    • Instead of holding Natsuo in front of a moving car to kill him like in the manga, Ending moves Natsuo in front of a moving train in the anime.
  • A scene of Hawks thinking about Endeavor in the Liberation hideout is added.

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