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The Hellish Todoroki Family (地獄の轟くん家 Jigoku no Todoroki-kun-chi?) is the one hundred and fifth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the seventeenth episode of the fifth season.


One week after starting their Work-Studies at the Endeavor Agency, Izuku, Katsuki, and Shoto continue to try and catch villains before Endeavor, but every time the Pro Hero manages to beat them to the punch. He tells them to head back to the Agency for the night, while he’ll stay out a bit longer for patrol. Izuku thinks back to his advice, and how even though he’s a long way away from reaching him, he’s still working at it little by little.

Back at the Agency, Endeavor heads into his office for a break, where he looks at the Meta Liberation War book and thinks back to Hawks’ warning. He then gets a call from Fuyumi, who had heard about Shoto and his friends interning under him, and since they’ll be starting school back up soon, he should bring them to dinner for the following night.

Endeavor proceeds to reflect on everything that’s happened regarding his family. He thinks about a recurring dream he’s been having lately, seeing Shoto, Fuyumi, Natsuo, and Rei having dinner and fun all together, with him nowhere there. He thinks about pushing Shoto away from his siblings, pushing his wife to her breaking point, resulting in the accident and Shoto’s complete disdain for him.

He thinks back to a moment sometime previously when he first heard from Fuyumi about Shoto visiting Rei in the hospital. She tells him how they’ve started slowly talking and that on days when he’s busy, he’s gonna start writing letters to her. Fuyumi then says how she hopes that one day her whole family could be together again. He then remembers Natsuo’s hard hitting critiques, Shoto’s own current opinions, and All Might’s advice on knowing what reason he has to be strong. He then receives an emergency aid from the Flaming Sidekickers, and heads out.

Izuku, Katsuki and Shoto continue training under Endeavor.

The following morning, Izuku awakens, as he and his fellow internees had been lodging in the Agency alongside the Sidekickers. Burnin greets him and a tired Katsuki, goading them for not having accomplished their goal yet, while Shoto arrives confidently determining today will be their day. As the three discuss their strategies, Burnin notices all the bruises they have from all their hard work, thinking about how she doesn’t need to fire them up at all.

The three spend the day patrolling the city and solving any cases they come across, with Endeavor still accomplishing the tasks first at every moment, all the while continuing to giving them advice on how to improve. As the sun sets, Endeavor thinks back on Fuyumi words, and brings them all back home with him, to Katsuki’s annoyance.

Fuyumi welcomes them all in, with Izuku nervously introducing himself, and apologizing for hurting Shoto after she mentions watching their fight during the Sports Festival. Shoto mentions seeing Natsuo’s shoes out front, with Fuyumi revealing she invited him over too. At the dinner table, Fuyumi once again formally introduces herself and Natsuo, while Shoto introduces his friends. Izuku notes the uncomfortable atmosphere between Natsuo and Endeavor.

Izuku starts to overly praise and analyze the food, to Katsuki’s irritation, leading Natsuo to mention how Fuyumi has been doing all the cooking since their caretaker retired. Fuyumi also brings up how Natsuo cooked some of the food, to Shoto’s surprise, as Natsuo responds that Endeavor probably didn’t let him eat any of it, to the guests awkward reaction. When Endeavor tries to say he didn’t realize and wants to try some of his cooking, Natsuo gets up and leaves.

After dinner, Izuku and Katsuki help with the plates while Endeavor cleans. Izuku asks if Katsuki knew about the family situation already, which he reveals he had overheard their conversation back during the Sports Festival. The two then overhear Shoto and Fuyumi talking about everything, where Shoto says how he can’t forgive him so easily for what he did to their mother, however he knows all that she is doing to overcome it all, thinking back to a letter he got recently where she tells him she’ll be discharged soon, and she hopes to once again live with him, Fuyumi, and Natsuo, unsure of how he wants to feel.

Katsuki barges his way in, yelling at them not to talk about sensitive subjects in front of guests, leading Izuku to apologize and tell her they knew about everything already. Picking up the remaining plates, Izuku says to Shoto he believes he’s getting ready to forgive him. He tells him that it is fine to not be able to forgive him if he wants, but since he knows Shoto is a kind person, he’s waiting for the right moment; Natsuo and Endeavor overhear this discussion.

Endeavor praying at Toya's altar.

Endeavor thinks about what he can do for his family after all this time, lighting up their batsudan and praying at the altar, thinking about his dream again and wishing that Toya could’ve been with them too.

A few days ago, a hooded man is released from prison and walks around a Christmas-decorated bazaar, when he comes across a television playing Endeavor’s battle against the High-End, causing him to gleefully smile.

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Anime & Manga Differences

  • The anime places the scene of Endeavor subduing a thief stealing a briefcase to the night before the final day of the week, rather than during the final day like in the manga.
  • The manga shows Izuku, Katsuki and Shoto more exhausted, tired, and injured than the anime when they wake up to see Burnin'.
  • The anime adds a flashback scene of Endeavor and Fuyumi talking about Shoto's visits to Rei.
  • One of the flashbacks shows Endeavor slapping Rei, which previously had only ever been off screen in both the anime and manga.
  • The anime adds several scenes depicting Endeavor resolving incidents quickly.
  • The anime has additional dialogue during the Todoroki family dinner.
  • The scene of Rei attempting to cool Shoto's burn is not shown. Only the dialogue is heard offscreen with a shot of the kettle on the ground.
  • Ending is shown earlier than in the manga, being released from prison and walking around in daylight before resolving to target Endeavor.


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