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Long Time No See, Selkie (お久しぶりですセルキーさん O Hisashiburi desu Serukī-san?) is the one hundred and fourth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the sixteenth episode of the fifth season. This episode is completely comprised of anime-original content, and acts as a prologue to the movie My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission.


Everyone praises Ochaco's new hero costume.

As Izuku, Katsuki, and Shoto's first day of their Hero Work-Studies comes to a close, Izuku wonders how Ochaco's study at Ryukyu's agency is going. At said agency, Ochaco shows off her new hero costume to Ryukyu, Tsuyu, Nejire, as well as Ryukyu's sidekicks. Nejire asks Ochaco about why she chose to upgrade her costume, Ochaco thinks back to her latching on to an out-of-control Izuku during her Joint Training match, then proceeds to blush and dodge the question. Ryukyu hosts a small welcoming party to celebrate the students' first day back.

The next morning, the girls are watching a news report about a forest fire in Kaflin caused by an explosion from an illegal Trigger factory. One of Ryukyu's sidekicks says that the chemicals used to make the drug were missing from the fire, and it's believed the factory explosion was a way to destroy evidence and move the materials out.

Selkie welcomes Ryukyu and her team.

Out in the Pacific Ocean, the Oki Mariner Crew is pursuing a suspicious ship carrying some obscured cargo. One of the ship members jumps out in front of the ship, and in combination with a dose of Trigger, creates a massive smokescreen to escape. Sirius believes the ship is hiding somewhere in the Verize Islands. Due to the enemy crew having access to Trigger and the islands being difficult to navigate, Selkie decides to schedule a team up with the Ryukyu agency.

Ryukyu, Tsuyu, Ochaco, and Nejire meet up with the crew at a harbor in the Verize Islands. Tsuyu expresses appreciation to Selkie and Sirius for mentoring her at her internship, and the two congratulate the student for getting her Provisional Hero License. Before the mission officially begins, Selkie tells everyone to relax and enjoy the beach. Ryukyu asks Selkie why they didn't go straight to work. Selkie says he wanted to boost the girls' morale from the constant stress brought on by hero work, and mentioned that the smuggling ship wouldn't make a move until it was dark anyway.

Elsewhere, the rogue ship crew is hiding out in a cave. One of the crew members suggests calling their client for help since the heroes and coast guard are on high alert, but another advises against it to assume that any communication could be secretly monitored. The crew decides to stick to plan, and make a move once the sun starts setting.

Selkie begins the search and capture mission of the smugglers.

As the sun sets, Uravity and Froppy join Selkie and his crew on the Oki Mariner, while Ryukyu and Nejire Chan patrol the skies. Once out to sea, Selkie heads into the water to search for the boat, with Froppy on his back, while Sirius remains in contact with Ryukyu. The smugglers head out from their hiding spot as Selkie and Froppy track them down still under water, whose location Selkie delivers to Sirius using his echo location in morse code. Ryukyu and Nejire Chan follow suit from above, leading the smugglers to notice them and the boat, so one of the crew member once again injects himself with Trigger and executes his smokescreen attack to hide themselves.

Selkie and Froppy use this opportunity to board the ship, as the Pro Hero takes out the smuggler with ease. He tells Froppy to stay put while he takes back control of the ship. However, the heroes are surprised when they notice a cargo plane carrying the chemicals, that was secretly stowed away, starts to take off. Froppy attempts to latch herself onto the plane, but her tongue isn't long enough to reach. Ryukyu tries to give chase, but the plane proves to be too fast. Selkie is worried they'll lose them, but Sirius reminds him not to give up too soon, as she fires a harpoon carrying Uravity, using her Quirk on herself to make her weightless.

Ochaco defeats the smugglers boss.

As she aims herself toward the plane, Uravity thinks about how she can't rush in without thinking, like what happened during the Joint Training exercise. She shoots out a rope which attaches itself to the plane, allowing her to get on board. The smuggler is confused but before he can act, Uravity executes her Gunhead Martial Arts: Gravity Plus, knocking the man out. Uravity attempts to gain control over the ship, however finds it difficult when one of the propellers starts to stall. Froppy tells her to evacuate, but Uravity says if she does, the cargo will leak into the ocean when the plane crashes. When Ryukyu tells her to make the plane weightless, she is initially unsure if it is too heavy for her, but she gives her the motivation not to give up.

Ryukyu fires several wind tornados to propel Nejire Chan forward, who then uses her Nejire Wave to slow the plane down. Uravity then uses her Quirk on the plane, stopping it in the air, and allowing Ryukyu to grab and safely land it. Uravity recuperates after going over her limit, as the heroes congratulate themselves on their success, discovering they were right about the chemicals being made for illegal drugs.

The girls have fun after successfully completing the mission.

While the girls once again relax on the beach, Ryukyu and Selkie talk about how the smugglers turned out to be just couriers who had no idea about the intention for the drugs, and that the person who ordered used a fake name. He states that they were heading for Otheon, a country in Europe, but everything should be fine now since they managed to halt their plans.

Meanwhile, in a cathedral, a mysterious man hears about the news of the heroes disrupting the cargo delivery. However, he declares it's fine since they already have the amount they need for their plan, as they prepare for the "salvation of humanity".

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Anime & Manga Differences

  • The episode is entirely anime-original.
  • The anime introduces Ochaco's grappling hook device much earlier than in the manga, which will not be shown until the beginning of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.


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