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The New Power and All For One (新しい力とオール・フォー・ワン Atarashī Chikara to Ōru Fō Wan?) is the one hundredth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the twelfth episode of the fifth season.


Izuku praises Hitoshi on his skills in their battle, how much like Eraser Head he was with the Capturing Weapon, and how when it comes to improving, he’s the one who still has a way to go. Eraser Head agrees with the assessment, as Vlad King jumps in saying that while they still have some more to review, it is almost certain that Hitoshi will be joining the Hero Course next year, to everyone’s excitement. Several students ask whether he’ll be in Class A or B, but they say the time will come for that. Mina then asks Eraser Head to reprimand Minoru for his “lucky accident”, while he defends himself about it.

Hitoshi Shinso is accepted into the Hero Course.

Meanwhile, Neito chuckles out loud, musing about how despite them losing, now that he knows that Izuku’s Quirk is a “blank”, he could better prepare and taunts them about potentially losing if they were to go another round, but Vlad King quickly shuts that down. Izuku thinks to himself, realizing Neito did actually copy One For All, but is confused why he didn’t explode and why he calls it a “blank”. Eraser Head then turns to Neito and asks him to visit Eri the following day, to his and Izuku’s surprise.

At this same time, Mirio goes to visit Eri who is writing letters in the Teacher’s Lounge. She tells him that she really likes writing and is writing some for him and Deku, since she is bad at saying things out loud so is putting all of her thanks to them in the letters.

Katsuki tries to get Izuku to use Blackwhip.

Later that night in the training room, Katsuki throws Explosions at Izuku to try and provoke him into unleashing Blackwhip, as he desperately tries to avoid, while All Might yells at him to stop as their plan was to make sure it doesn’t go wild again. Calming down, Izuku realizes that the Quirk has been locked away and won’t emerge.

Earlier, All Might invited Izuku and Katsuki to their private room to talk about what happened. Izuku is surprised to see Katsuki there, which All Might states since he knows the truth about One For All now, he should be involved too. All Might is surprised to learn about One For All growing and the existence of the other Quirks within, as well as the “bald headed” predecessor, aware that his master’s predecessor had “black hair”. and is sure even she didn’t know about the other Quirks.

Katsuki asks what triggered its awakening, while Izuku repeats their words telling him “the time” was right, and believing there to be some external connection, with Katsuki guessing has something to do with All For One. He states that since he basically created One For All, as well as also possessing multiple Quirks, it’s the same as him, to Izuku and All Might’s slight discomfort at the thought.

Back in the training ground, Katsuki yells at Izuku that he’ll keep beating him up until he unleashes Blackwhip, and then beat him while he’s using it too. Izuku starts to mumble to himself how since the power is connected to his feelings, and he had decided that Blackwhip was too powerful to handle right now, he had mentally locked it away and can’t access it currently. Annoyed at his ramblings, Katsuki leaves, while Izuku thinks about the implications of “All For One’s power”.

Class 1-A and 1-B hanging out after the Joint Training session.

In Heights Alliance, Tetsutetsu berates Eijiro for whining over his loss, telling him that while he can withstand heat he has a limit, while Eijiro gets harder the more he’s hit, so he shouldn’t look down on himself compared to him; this gets his spirits back up. Izuku arrives to be greeted by Tenya, as he notices many members of Class 1-B also there to mingle and talk about their training.

Izuku is approached by Shoto, who questions him about supposedly also having two Quirks, and wondering why he told him to go at him with his full power at the Sports Festival if he was hiding his. Izuku quickly covers for himself, calling it just a “variant” of his Quirk and that this was the first time it happened, which Shoto apologizes for. An eavesdropping Katsuki badmouths Shoto for being both sharp and dull at the same time. Izuku proceeds to praise Shoto over his improved skills with his flames, but he admits he still has a lot to learn. Elsewhere, while apprehending a criminal, Endeavor gets a reply from Shoto asking to learn about “Flashfire Fist”, much to his delight.

The next day, the teachers review the training exercises as Nezu states that he’ll take care of all the paperwork. Afterwards, Present Mic pokes at Eraser Head wondering if he sees anything in himself in Hitoshi, or if it has anything to do with “Oboro”, though stops when he questions what his point is.

Neito reveals that he can't use Eri's Quirk.

Izuku arrives in front of the teacher’s dorms to find Eri scared and hiding behind Mirio at the appearance of Neito, who Mirio had told her was part of the “bad side of U.A.”, which Neito flamboyantly defends himself for. Eraser Head then arrives, telling them he wanted Izuku and Mirio to accompany Eri and Neito due to how different their personalities are, which Neito laughs off.

Inside, Neito uses Copy on Eri’s Rewind, but finds out it’s a blank, apologizing to Eraser Head. Izuku asks what he means by a “blank”, where he reveals that when he copies a Quirk that stockpiles power, he only copies the main essence of the Quirk, and not what needs to be accumulated. As an example, Izuku thinks about how Fat Gum’s Quirk requires him to stockpile fat, so none of the fat would carry over if Neito copied it. He then thinks about what a relief that was or else Neito would’ve exploded.

Asking why he wanted Neito to Copy her Quirk, Eraser Head tells them that since there’s a chance it might go haywire again, they wanted to see if Neito could Copy it and teach her how to use it directly. Eri then apologizes to everyone for how much trouble she is giving them all, wishing she didn’t have that power. Izuku, however, reminds her that her power managed to save him, equating it to something like a knife, even though it's dangerous it can still make delicious food, telling her her power’s wonderful. Cheering her up, Eri tells him that she’ll do her best, as he thinks about how despite One For All’s questionable origins, he’ll do his best to master it too.

The final day of the Provisional License Course begins!

As it starts to snow, the members of Class 1-A celebrate and react in their own ways. They also talk about how Katsuki and Shoto are currently at their final day of supplemental classes for the provisional license, and once they come back all of 1-A will finally be licensed heroes; meanwhile at the arena, Gang Orca prepares to have them take their final trial. Denki muses how getting his license first was the only thing he ever beat those two at, which the rest of the class poke fun at.

That night, a group of criminals using water Quirks storm the streets as they proceed to steal everyone’s purses and wallets. In a nearby taxi, All Might notices the chaos as Katsuki tells him they’ll handle it while he deals with evacuation. He exasperates that they’ve only had their licenses for 30 minutes, while the two make their grand entrance halting the criminals’ path, with Katsuki declaring how long it must be till they can be heroes.

Katsuki and the Cider House leader fight.

While All Might tries to lead the civilians away, Shoto freezes their leader solid. However, he manages to escape, berating them for ruining their plans as they spent an entire month to set up this operation, as Katsuki yells at them to get a job. Using his carbonation Quirk, him alongside the gang prepare to make their escape, but Katsuki uses his Explosions to knock them all down with ease. Going after the leader, he uses a support item to shoot streams of water directly at Katsuki, which starts to go out of control. A nearby woman starts to film the events on her phone, leading All Might to jump in and rescue her when a lightpost is about to fall on her. Katsuki also appears to blow the lightpost out of the way.

The leader regains control of his support item, causing destruction in the plaza, as Shoto brings out a “Flashfreeze Heatwave”, causing the carbonated water to go flat and knocking the leader out. Katsuki angrily realizes that was the same attack he used against Izuku in the Sports Festival.

Class 1-A holds a surprise party for Katsuki and Shoto's success.

All Might soon arrives with another Hero, Slidin’ Go, who recognizes them from the Sports Festival, and congratulates the two on defeating all the villains and recovering the stolen goods, calling them future Heroes. They then notice the gauntlets on the leader suddenly explode, which Slidin’ Go notes is because they were from the black market. All Might proceeds to congratulate the two as well as they prepare to head back.

Arriving back at Heights Alliance, Katsuki and Shoto are surprised by the rest of their Class congratulating them all for passing their exam. Izuku excitingly states that now they can do hero work together, causing Katsuki to rage telling him not to look down on him.

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Anime & Manga Differences

  • The anime includes a scene of Eri writing letters to Izuku and Mirio, which was originally just a bonus page in Volume 23.
  • The anime includes an original scene of Class 1-A throwing Katsuki and Shoto a surprise party for getting their Hero Licenses.
  • The flashback with Oboro Shirakumo is removed.


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