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Enji Todoroki vs. Nomus is a battle fought between the Flame Hero: Endeavor and two different Nomus during the Hosu Incident.


Several Pro Heroes respond to the Nomu's initial attack on Hosu City. Two Nomus prove to be far too powerful for Manual and the other heroes.[1]

Endeavor arrives in Hosu City in pursuit of the Hero Killer and he happens upon the other remaining Nomu. Together with Gran Torino, Endeavor fights and defeats the monster.[2] Afterward, Endeavor decides to support the heroes alone and sends Gran Torino to find his son.


Endeavor takes on Nomu.

The heroes continue to struggle against the Nomu despite attacking all at once. One female hero is nearly crushed by the muscular Nomu and Manual tells her to watch out. She's saved by the timely arrival of the Flame Hero.

Endeavor sends the Nomu flying back with a single punch that also breaks its arm. Nomu's arm reforms and Endeavor take notice of its Super Regenerative powers.

Endeavor collides with Nomu and grabs its head. He ignites it and heats up the fire until it completely burns the Nomu's head away. The dead Nomu falls to the ground and Endeavor states incinerated cells can't regenerate.

Endeavor chases the flying Nomu through Hosu City.

The flying Nomu flees with a defeated Pro-Hero in its claws. Endeavor tells the others to head to an alleyway in district four, the same place he sent Gran Torino. Then he pursues the flying villain and throws a fireball at it. Nomu evades with a quick turn in its flight path. Endeavor continues his pursuit by melting his feet into a building in order to scale it.

Once he's at a high enough height, Endeavor jumps off the building and reaches for the victimized hero. Just out of his reach, the Nomu looks back to see Endeavor shaping his flames into a spear.

The Flame Hero throws his fire spear through Nomu's eye, forcing it to drop the victim. Endeavor catches the hero and lands safely using his fire. He watches the Nomu fly away and claims that it won't get far.[3]


Endeavor follows the Nomu's trail until he reaches the alleyway where Shoto, Gran Torino, Izuku, Tenya, and the other Pros, and Stain are located.[4]

Anime and Manga Differences

  • This battle is not shown in the manga.


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