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Enji Todoroki vs. Bee☆Pop is a fight between Pro Hero Endeavor against the Villain Bee☆Pop.


Bee☆Pop enjoying all the mayhem and destruction she causes.

Sometime after The Crawler failed to apprehend Bee☆Pop during their first encounter, the latter decides to launch another explosive attack on Naruhata streets while singing and dancing to the chaos. The Pro Heroes on patrol attempt to stop Bee☆Pop's assault but fail due to her unexpected Bomb Bees causing massive explosions everywhere around her. On top of a rooftop, detective Naomasa observes the villain easily outmaneuvering the Heroes by taking advantage of their lack of teamwork and cutting off nearby communication.

A person behind Naomasa comments on how Bee☆Pop's "Inferno" song sounds sickening and adds that she has a lot of nerve causing so much havoc and destruction. The person then reveals himself to be none other than the Flame Hero: Endeavor, who readies himself to fight against this new monstrosity.[1] Along with that, the healed Koichi and his allies also head straight towards where Bee☆Pop is located while stuck in a traffic jam.

Endeavor ready to face Bee☆Pop.

Naomasa discusses with Endeavor about what to do with Pop once they've apprehended her. He reminds Endeavor that their mission is to simply capture her but Endeavor considers that the villain is too dangerous to be simply captured. Endeavor notes that Pop's Quirk is strong enough to blow up a single town, having the threat of a well-trained small army.

With that being said, Endeavor decides that he has no choice but to resort to annihilating her by wide-scale assault, leaving Naomasa in absolute shock. Down below, Compass Kid reveals that everyone in the city has been evacuated. The Flaming Sidekickers then send up signal flames to Endeavor, notifying him that the coast is clear for him to unleash his flames on Bee☆Pop. Naomasa tells Endeavor to wait but Endeavor ignores him and hovers down to the streets, initiating the battle.[2]


Bee☆Pop is powerless against Endeavor's attack.

Once he joins in the fray, Endeavor charges up his flames and pumps his fist upwards, unleashing his Ultimate Move "Hellfire Storm", creating an intense tornado of swirling hellfire. Endeavor directs the attack to engulf everything in its path, with his sidekicks watching on with pleasure. The fiery tornado slowly engulfs Bee☆Pop's Bomb Bees, destroying them in the process. Endeavor keeps his level-headed coolness as he carefully controls his Ultimate Move, intending to burn Bee☆Pop to ashes.

Bee☆Pop notices many of her insect minions suddenly burning up, realizing that the Flame Hero plans to take her down for good. However, one of Endeavor's sidekicks Burnin warns him that someone is nearby on the streets. This causes Endeavor to immediately cancel his attack upon hearing Burnin's warning. Endeavor angrily questions who dares to get in his way.[2]


The Crawler is here!

In response to Endeavor's furious question, Naomasa observes the scene and realizes that the one who interfered was none other than the Naruhata Vigilante The Crawler. Upon noticing his interference, a furious Endeavor comments that a scumbag playing hero without his Hero License sounds like villainous scum to him.

However, Endeavor starts to suffer from fatigue due to overusing his Quirk. A group of Heroes come to his aid and extinguish his body with firehoses. Naomasa arrives to witness the Pro Hero slowing down in momentum, warning the others to pull back as Bee☆Pop is headed their way with her explosions. Endeavor refuses to simply back down and instead commands the detective to deploy the Police Force, to which Naomasa admits the team is ready for anything. Endeavor angrily notes that he plans to burn everything down (including Koichi and "Pop☆Step") once he fires up again, no matter what it takes. [2]


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