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Enji Todoroki & Keigo Takami vs. Hood is a battle fought between the No. 1 Pro Hero Endeavor and the No. 2 Pro Hero Hawks against the High-End Nomu Hood.


Hawks calls out all the top Heroes at the Hero Billboard Chart JP's live presentation event. He meets with Endeavor backstage and the latter confronts him about his comments. Hawks claims all the heroes were saying the same thing so he decided to leave a different impact. He even wants Endeavor to become the new leader for all heroes.

Endeavor tries to storm away from Hawks, but the new No. 2 Hero requests a team up. There have been reports in his hometown of Nomu sightings. Meanwhile, Dabi orders Hood, a new intelligent Nomu, to produce results on its assignment.[1]

Hood seeks out strong opponents.

Endeavor follows Hawks to a restaurant called Yoritomi in Central Fukuoka. They discuss the League of Villains frequent movements since All For One's capture. Endeavor asks what proof Hawks has to the Nomu sightings but Hawks claims its only a rumor. Endeavor tries to storm out again but Hawks reveals that these rumors are all over Japan and not just in the city.

The rise of heroes is spreading unease throughout the country. Hawks claims he wants Endeavor to be the one to verify the rumors and put everyone at ease. He wants to create a world where Heroes have more time on their hands than they know what to do with. After he finishes speaking, Hawks notices a flying creature approaching their building. Their waitress tries to bring the check but Hawks yells for her to get down as Hood smashes into the restaurant.[2]


Endeavor attacks Hood with Jet Burn.

Hood's head crashes through the glass windows and demands to fight the strongest hero. Endeavor orders Hawks to evacuate the area and says the Nomu has perfect timing. The new No. 1 Hero uses Jet Burn to punch the monster back outside. He uses flame jets to float in the air and challenges the beast to face the world's new top hero.[2]

Hawks asks if Endeavor can fly and he replies he can only suspend himself in the air. Hood claims fire of that caliber can't kill him and regenerates his wounds. Endeavor recalls the Nomu he’s previously faced and realizes that, unlike the white ones, the black Nomu had a super-regenerative ability, and this new Nomu is special even within that group because it can talk, so he wants to capture him alive to interrogate him.

Hood plunges Endeavor into the building.

He heats up the fingers of his left hand to attack the Nomu with Hell Spider, launching five streams of fire from his fingertips. Although two fire streams strike Hood, the High-End Nomu doesn't stop his advance and attacks Endeavor with his Transforming Arms, grabbing him with an elastic grasp and crashing him into the building. Nomu immediately pushes Endeavor all the way through the entire building, sending him to the other side of it.

Endeavor releases a great flare of fire that incinerates Hood's arm, causing the creature to release Endeavor from his grip. However, Hood quickly overwhelms him by regenerating his lost limb and transforming it into tentacles to wrap Endeavor up from the sides. He then proceeds to fling Endeavor through the entire building, cutting several of the top floors. The Flame Hero uses his Quirk to break free of the Nomu's grip again and avoid crashing into nearby buildings, keeping himself up in midair to continue the fight. Injured, he admits that the Nomu is stronger and faster than him.

The building begins to crumble.

Seeing the fight, several heroes rush to the scene to help. Due to High-End smashing Endeavor across the building, the top half of the building begins collapsing. Fortunately, Hawks uses his Quirk, Fierce Wings, to manipulate his feathers and evacuates all the people inside of the damaged part, depositing them in a safe place. Once the feathers delivered all the injured down to safety, Hawks himself joins the fight and launches several feathers at Hood which successfully strikes its arm.

This gives Endeavor an opening to attack again with a more powerful version of his Flashfire Fist - Hell Spider super move, and strikes the High-End with multiple fire streams which slice up its body. Hawks wonders if Endeavor's move is his strongest to which Endeavor comments about it not even being close. The cut up High-End begins regenerating and comments on the fight being interesting.[3]

Endeavor tries subduing Hood.

Endeavor manipulates the fire streams to further tear Hood apart. The attack is so powerful that it not only cuts the Nomu to pieces but also turns the collapsing top half of the building into rubble. In spite of everything, the monster manages to survive the attack since the flames missed his head, which moves away to regenerate the missing body.

Hawks uses his feathers to hold part of the debris and complains to Endeavor for cutting the building to roughly. Endeavor yells to him to stop complaining and reserve his strength for combat. Hawks replies that having used too many feathers, he now has trouble flying. While continues regenerating, Hood begins to resent the presence of Hawks. Minor heroes who had come to back up Endeavor begin to attack Hood with their Quirks. Annoyed by their interference, Hood claims they're in the way and spawns several low-level white Nomu to attack the Pro Heroes and civilians, forcing Hawks to have to help them, leaving Endeavor alone to face Hood.

Endeavor and Hawks back off.

Endeavor counts how many Quirks the High-End Nomu has shown so far; Shoulder-Mounted Jets, Transforming Arms, Muscle Augmentation, Power, Super Regeneration, and now he has just shown to own one more Quirk; Storage. That makes six Quirk and he does not rule out the possibility that he may have more. And if that was not enough, Endeavor begins to worry about his body, because it begins to overheat due to the heat generated by his own Quirk.

As the High-End continues regenerating his entire body, Endeavor analyzes the situation. He knows the Nomu was sent with the intent of fighting strong opponents and is thinking rationally enough since he sent several lower Nomu to disperse reinforcements so no one can interfere in their one-on-one battle since he views him as a strong opponent.

Hawks uses his Feather Blades to take down some Nomu.

On the ground, a pair of white Nomu prepare to attack a group of defenseless civilians, but Hawks uses his long feathers as blades and cuts through the creatures down, saving the civilians in the process, whom he immediately drives away using his smallest feathers and tells everyone to keep evacuating. Although wounded, the white Nomus have not been defeated, so Hawks prepares to face them, saying to himself that power types enemies aren’t his forte.

In midair, Hood taunts Endeavor, wondering if he's done shooting heat ray since he isn't able to anymore due to a limitation. Begrudgingly, Endeavor accepts the Nomu's intuition about his Flashfire Fist’s major drawback: its heat building up his body temperature and causes his physical abilities to deteriorate. Flashfire Fist contains flames under extremely hot temperatures and releases them in a single-blow ultimate move. If he continues to reuse it over and over it could be fatal. But Endeavor also knows that he can't hold back against this incredibly strong opponent.

Endeavor uses Prominence Burn to incinerate Hood.

Aware of what to do, Endeavor intensifies his flames even more. Excited by the challenge, Hood creates several arms and extends them to attack Endeavor, saying he wants to test out his new power on him. Endeavor shouts at the Nomu that he’ll incinerate him until there’s nothing left, and his regeneration won’t be enough. Endeavor ignites viciously and releases a powerful fire blast called Prominence Burn, burning Nomu's body to ash.

The High-End appears to have been defeated, however, Endeavor realizes too late he wasn’t able to disintegrate the whole Nomu because Hood detached his own head from his body before getting hit, allowing it to regenerate completely. Hood mocks Endeavor for not killing him, before transforming his arms into elastic blades to slash his torso and gash him in the face, potentially destroying his left eye.

The No. 1 Hero defeated!?

Everyone, from the civilians who are there as the viewers who are watching the fight on television, can see the new No. 1 hero being overwhelmed by the Nomu. Hood standing over his defeated and injured opponent asking for another strong opponent.[4]

Meanwhile, Hawks finish off the two Nomu that Hood released, thankful that they weren’t too strong. As some heroes restrain them, they inform Hawks that there are still nine more in the area. Hawks advises them to split up to hunt them down and expand the evacuation zone. He will rescue those who couldn’t get away in time. The wreckage caused by the battle between High-End and Endeavor catches his attention.

At the battlefield, Hood says he finds the battle boring and wonders if there are any stronger Heroes for it to face. A news helicopter reports the overall scene, comparing it to the Kamino Incident three months ago. Suddenly, a barely conscious Endeavor gets back up and thrusts himself at Nomu using his flames as a boost. He tries to burn off Hood's head with a flaming blast, but the Nomu dodges the attack and counters him with his transforming arms, saying to Endeavor he was too slow before fling him through several buildings. After getting rid of Endeavor, Hood goes in search of another opponent who wants to fight him.

Endeavor pursues Hood in mid-air.

The panic is unleashed among the citizens, who desperately try to escape from the monster, which threateningly heads toward the evacuation area. Despite badly injured and his sight blurred, Endeavor refuses to give up and propels himself to chases him through the air. Even Hood is surprised by his determination and wonders if he has regeneration abilities too. Endeavor reminds himself that his body is already at its limit.

Hood attacks him, stabbing his body, but the Flame Hero says that he's grateful as the pain that the High-End inflicted on him is the only thing that keeps him conscious. Endeavor knows that he must destroy the Nomu's head in order to defeat him, ruling out the possibility of capturing him alive. As both of them duel in the sky, Endeavor tells Hood that he won't go down until he turns his "ugly mug" to ash, raising his heat high enough to surpass Nomu in order to kill him.

Hawks helps Endeavor fight off Hood.

Suddenly, Hawks surprise attacks Hood by shooting his feathers at his head but they barely do any damage. Hawks' feathers aren't powerful but his speed is even with the High-Ends. The No. 2 Hero remembers watching Endeavor being the only one who is trying to surpass All Might. Hood tries to get rid of him, succeeding in striking him, but not before he managed to send a few of his feathers to boost the new Number 1’s speed. The feathers catch Endeavor's flames alight and burn, making Endeavor look similar to a phoenix.

Hawks' feathers propel Endeavor with enough speed and strength to strike the Nomu, shattering his teeth with his flame fist. With his hand inside the Nomu's mouth, Endeavor begins to burn him from the inside out. Hood, however, bites Endeavor's arm while he keeps regenerating all of the damage he is causing. At this point, the Flame Hero notices that the "intelligent" Nomu is now starting to act more like a wild animal. Hood propels with his jets with the intention of smashing Endeavor into a building

Endeavor completely incinerates Hood with PLUS ULTRA Prominence Burn.

Hawks concerns because his feathers are almost burned and the Nomu seems to be resisting Endeavor's flames. Holding on tight to the monster's head, the Number 1 Hero calls on Hawks to use what he has left to bring them both high into the air. Hawks obeys Endeavor's indication until his feathers are reduced to ashes. Hawks yells that he can't help anymore, but Endeavor says it’s enough. With one last blast, Endeavor propels himself and Hood to the sky away, where he can use his Quirk to its maximum power without putting the city and its inhabitants at risk.

Before his final attack, Endeavor tells Hood that he resembles his self from the past or, perhaps, from a distant future, but it's time for him to burn up and be put to rest. Endeavor goes beyond his limits and chants the school motto that he's hated for so long. He uses a maximum power heat ray to burn away Nomu with a "PLUS ULTRA Prominence Burn."

Endeavor stands victorious.

Witnesses and spectators stare in shock at the intense fireball impressed until Endeavor and High-End fall from it. Some Pro Heroes attempts to catch Endeavor on his way down, but cannot make it in time, and hero and creature slams into the ground with a fiery impact, generating a dense smoke that prevents seeing the final result of the fight.

Everyone waits in suspense, until the dust disperses, revealing Hood's charred corpse on the ground, and a wounded but triumphant Endeavor standing up with one arm held high, striking a victorious pose, putting everyone watching at ease the same way All Might did after defeating All For One, reacting with joy at Endeavor's victory.[5]


Dabi reveals himself as the mastermind behind the attack.

Hawks runs over to Endeavor and supports him up. He's surprised Endeavor used the same pose as All Might but the latter claims he used the opposite hand. Hawks gives Endeavor a towel and thanks him for winning but Endeavor doesn't give himself credit due to the sloppy start the fight got off too. Even so, Hawks claims this will be a huge step in the right direction for hero society. Endeavor requests an ambulance but they're interrupted when Dabi suddenly appears and introduces himself as the mastermind behind the attack.[6]

Endeavor recognizes the League of Villains member from his fight with Snatch. Dabi surrounds them all in a wall of blue flames. Hawks tells Endeavor to rest and tries to buy some time despite losing all his feathers. Dabi attacks the two weakened heroes but Mirko appears and uses her stomping Quirk to keep Dabi back.

Disappointed, Dabi asks his ally for help and starts to get warped away with black liquid. Before he leaves, Dabi tells "Enji Todoroki" not to die until they meet again one day. Mirko tries to kick the villain, but Dabi disappears completely. The media announces that Endeavor and Hawks are victorious and says the public appreciates what the heroes have done.[7]


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