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Endeavor's Mission (エンデヴァーズ ミッション Endevāzu Misshon?) is the tie-in prequel chapter to My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission. Written and illustrated by Yoco Akiyama, it focuses on Endeavor and his trainees Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto.

It was included alongside Chapter 321 in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 35, 2021.


During their Work-Study at the Endeavor Agency, Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto are brought by Endeavor to a facility to take part in a test. They learn from the men in black accompanying him that they work for the World Heroes Association, and they are here to see if they are fit to join an overseas mission. Endeavor tells them they must land one attack on him in three minutes, or else they'll be staying home.

Katsuki attempts to sneak attack Endeavor

Bakugo attempts to attack Endeavor from above.

The test begins as the two WHA associates watch from the monitoring room. Deku thinks about how given the power gap between the two, his best bet is to take advantage of the maze-like arena they're fighting in and go for a sneak attack. Bakugo tries to go for an attack from above, but Endeavor just blasts him away, with Bakugo noting his incredible reflexes.

Shoto goes at him from the front with an ice wall, which Endeavor easily burns away. He thinks about how he knew it wouldn't work, but that it helped give Deku an opening, who prepares to punch from behind, but Endeavor simply blocks anyway. With two minutes remaining, the associates aren't surprised seeing Japan's No. 1 Pro Hero's strength, and wonder how the students will use their remaining time. The three decide to go at him all at once, but Endeavor uses his Quirk to blast everything all around him.

Izuku, Katsuki and Shoto go Plus Ultra

Plus Ultra!

With one minute remaining, the associates notice the three are nearly down-and-out. They inform Endeavor they never expected them to be a match for him and want him to give them a chance, but he cuts them off, telling them not to make light of them, and as the interns start to get back up, letting the associates know of U.A.'s motto borrowed from the western world: "Plus Ultra".

Bakugo quickly blasts his way around behind Endeavor, forcing him to evade his attack. Shoto then blasts fire in front of him, which Endeavor compliments. Deku takes advantage of the smoke, smashing toward Endeavor, just barely managing to land a hit on him. With the test over, Bakugo angrily reacts that he would've had him if they had thirty more seconds, Shoto thinks about how he needs to work on his firepower, and Deku mutters into his notebook about his progress in the fight.

Endeavor tells them they pass, as the associates say they will be creating special stealth suits for their mission, which the three are each excited about. Shoto decides to test out designs for upgraded arm covers, Deku excitedly wants a cape like All Might, but also worries he's not worthy of a cape, while Bakugo yells at him not to wear a cape for a stealth mission; Shoto also notes Bakugo's own detailed gauntlet designs.

While the associates ask Endeavor if they'll be able to get along, Deku wonders what their overseas mission will be, and what Heroes and Villains they'll run into.

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