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Emperor Yotsuura (エンペラー (よつ) (うら) Enperā Yotsuura?) is a villain of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.[1]


Emperor Yotsuura is a tall young man with the face of a penguin.

He wears a pale diver with a "V" on his chest, a baseball cap that is mostly by his hood, knee-length shorts, a pair of gloves, soccer shoes and tall sports socks.


Not much is known about his personality at this time.


Emperor Yotsuura steals Makoto Tsukauchi's laptop from her, as Ichimoku Samazu and Jube Namimaru chase after him. After changing into his costume, Koichi Haimawari uses his Slide and Glide Quirk to catch up to the thief. Koichi tries to trip the thief, who dodges while dribbling a soccer ball. Yotsuura kicks the soccer ball into Koichi's face and while he’s sent reeling back, Yotsuura is shot in the back by Ichimoku's laser which causes him to fall down. Jube and Ichimoku beat up Yotsuura and tie him up as Koichi manages to get back Makoto's laptop. Jube and Ichimoku leave as Makoto thanks them for their help.[1]



Soccer: Emporer Yotsuura's Quirk gives him the powerful and intricate footwork of a professional soccer player. He can even dribble a ball through a large crowd of people.

Super Moves

  • Emperor Shot: Emperor Shot basically consists of a powerful football shooting. Yotsuura kicks the ball he always carries with him against the foe who tries to stop him.[1]


  • His name and appearance are based on the emperor penguin.
  • His overall character and design could also be referencing that of Inazuma Eleven, a game and anime series developed by Level-5 that follows the sport of soccer on a superhuman level. This is further reinforced by the use of Yotsuura's penguin based design, an animal commonly used within the series, as well as the use of a named super move involving a soccer kick, much like hissatsu techniques in the series.


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