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For the Quirk that has been mutated into this, see Eel.

Electric Eel (電気ウナギ Denki Unagi?) is the Quirk used by Teruo Unagisawa.


After being kidnapped and modified by the Villain Factory, Teruo's original Eel Quirk evolved into a more powerful version known as Electric Eel. In addition to retaining the abilities of his previous Quirk, like the slimy skin, Teruo can also discharge a surge of electricity.[1]

Unlike his previous Quirk where he regained his human appearance, due to the modifications of the Villain Factory, even after the Trigger injected into his body stopped to affect him, Teruo still retains the shape and appearance of a gigantic humanoid eel, only with a smaller size and a less intimidating appearance.[2]

When used by Kuin Hachisuka through a sample collected from Teruo, she is able to emit electricity from her fingers.[3]


The Quirk still retains the weaknesses of its previous version. Teruo may pass out if he releases too strong an electric shock.[4]


  • Electric Eel is one of the few confirmed cases of a Quirk being the result of a mutation or transfusion of another Quirk. Other examples include Cloud becoming Warp Gate and the Power Stockpiling and Transference Quirks merging to become One For All.


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