Electoplant (エレクプラント Ereku Puranto?) is a Pro Hero in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.


Electoplant wears a black bodysuit decorated with various electric imagery, along with circuits that help him channel his Quirk. His bodysuit covers his entire face, giving him no discernable features, and he wears two lightning-bolt shaped radio antennae over his ears. He also sports a long red cape, which includes more golden lightning decorations.


Electoplant is a dutiful hero dedicated to aiding the police and stopping villains.


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

During All Might's time studying abroad in America, two villains rob a casino in Los Angeles California. Electoplant and Cow Lady join the first responders but allow the villains to get away after a short skirmish. They watch from the sidelines as All Might wins the day and they learn about him from David Shield. [1]



Electricity Generation (発電 (はつでん) Hatsuden?): Electoplant's Quirk grants him the ability to produce blasts of electricity from his body. His hero costume helps him channel his electricity.


  • According to Volume Origin, Electoplant operated in England.
  • Electoplant's English voice actor, Nazeeh Tarsha, also voices Daigo and Kosei Tsuburaba (as of Season 5).


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