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Eijiro Kirishima & Rikido Sato vs. Ken Ishiyama is a battle fought between Class 1-A Students Eijiro Kirishima and Rikido Sato against their teacher Cementoss for their First Term Final Exam.


Nezu and the U.A. Faculty reveal that the practical portion of the final exam will be students versus teachers. Eijiro and Rikido are pitted against Cementoss in the very first battle. They both go to Ground Beta after Shota Aizawa explains the rules.[1]


Team Eijiro and Rikido is the first team to take on the practical exam. They rush through the middle of the main street, hoping to rush Cementoss from the front. They believe they'll get a higher score for capturing as opposed to running. Cementoss cuts them off from a great distance by creating a cement wall to block them off.

The students decide to try and break their way towards Cementoss from the front. Cementoss creates more cement walls and Rikido eats sugar to activate his Quirk. Eijiro and Rikido both use their enhanced strength to break down and destroy the cement walls.

Cementoss makes short work of Eijiro and Rikido.

Eijiro and Rikido continue to strike every wall Cementoss builds, but Hardening and Sugar Rush work on a time limit unlike Cement. They made a mistake by trying to defeat Cementoss with brute force. Rikido starts feeling drowsy once the sugar wears off and Eijiro's hardening abilities start to fade while he punches more cement walls.

Cementoss manipulates the walls surrounding the students and traps them inside a cement pit. He tells the students that they're weak in drawn-out fights and they need to realize how far they can push their powers. Cementoss frees Eijiro and Rikido, but they're both knocked out. Having been defeated, Eijiro and Rikido fail the practical exam.[1]


Denki Kaminari, Mina Ashido, Mashirao Ojiro, Tenya Ida, Tsuyu Asui, and Fumikage Tokoyami are all surprised at how quickly their peers were defeated. Watching from the monitoring room, Izuku Midoriya realizes the practical exam will be more difficult than the students anticipated.[1]

Anime and Manga Differences

In the manga adaptation of this battle, Cementoss explains the rules of the exam to them alone rather than Shota Aizawa doing it along with all the teachers. They were also taking the test at the same time as everyone else rather than going first.[2] Eijiro and Rikido lost because they ran out of time.[3]


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