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Eiji Okameda ( (おお) (かめ) () (えい) () Ōkameda Eiji?) is an Instant Villain from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Eiji's normal appearance is unknown, as he is only seen after being injected with Trigger. Eiji's appearance is still unclear even after being transformed into an Instant Villain, but he seems to be a turtle with the ability to enlarge, fly around, and spin. He does, at the very least, possess eyes.


Eiji is defeated by Captain Celebrity.

Eiji is first seen invading Naruhata after being injected with Trigger. Captain Celebrity arrives and defeats Eiji with ease, while being cheered on by his male cheering squad.[2] Some time after his defeat, Eiji was returned to normal.[1]



Gigantic Spinning Flying Turtle (回って飛んで巨大化するカメ Mawatte Tonde Kyodai-ka suru Kame?): While on Trigger, Eiji is seen transforming into a gigantic turtle, and spin and fly in midair. It is unknown what Eiji's regular capabilities with his Quirk are.


  • Eiji's name contains the kanji for "large" ( ō?), "turtle" ( kame?), "rice field" ( da?), "reflection, projection" ( ei?), and "boss, to rule" ( ji?).
    • Eiji's surname may be also be a pun on "Ōkame da" (大亀だ), which is Japanese for "It's a giant turtle".
  • Eiji's Quirk and appearance seems to be a parody of Gamera.
    • Additionally, a civilian witnessing Eiji's rampage is stopped from making a reference to Gamera, out of fear of a potential lawsuit.[2]


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