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Earth Flow ( () (りゅう) Doryū?)[1] is the Quirk used by Ryuko Tsuchikawa.


Earth Flow allows the user to manipulate the earth around them, being able to mold it into anything they want.[2][3]

With Earth Flow, Ryuko is capable of feats of considerable power, as demonstrated by her ability to conjure avalanches. The range of this Quirk appears to be fairly long as well, with Ryuko being able to remotely manipulate the earth found in a whole forest area.

Due to the nature of Earth Flow, it can be reasonably assumed that Ryuko holds a disadvantage in territories where soil is not readily available for her to manipulate.


Earth Flow is mainly used for rescue missions taking place in mountainous areas, where Ryuko and the other Wild, Wild Pussycats primarily act.

One of the known applications of this Quirk involves the molding of beast-like golems that Ryuko refers to as "Earth Beasts", which are capable of fighting on her behalf. The fact that those living structures can be confused with actual creatures at a first glance is a testament to Ryuko's mastery over her power.

Ryuko is an expert in creating specific terrains that suit the training needs of several people at once, in a way similar to Cementoss' Gym Gamma facility.

Super Moves

Dirt Monster.png Earth Beast: Ryuko creates a monster-like being made of soil, remotely controlling it from afar. Several Earth Beasts can be made and controlled at once, with Ryuko utilizing a built-in navigation system in her goggles to keep track of them.


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