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Earth Beast ( (つち) () (じゅう) Tsuchi Majū?)[1] is a Super Move used by Pixie-Bob using her Earth Flow Quirk.


By unknown means, Pixie-Bob can use her Quirk to create Earth Beasts, monstrous golem-like creatures made of dirt, stone and roots which are capable of fighting on her behalf. Pixie-Bob can control them at once remotely, utilizing a built-in navigation system in her goggles to keep track of them.

The Earth Beasts do not have a humanous appearance, but each creature has a different appearance. Some look more humanoid, others look like quadruped creatures and some resemble flying beings such as dragons and pterodactyls, which are even capable of flight.

When a Earth Beast receives serious damage in combat, the monstrous construct falls apart and ceases to exist.[2]


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