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Drunk Lee vs. Master Beast is a battle between the underground fighters Drunk Lee and Master Beast.


In the middle of Osaka, hidden in a parking structure, the underground fighting tournament known as the Underground Masquerade is taking place. Since everything is allowed in the fight, both fighters use uppers and Quirk-boosting drugs to make their powers more powerful and thus obtain victory.[1]


Drunk Lee attacks Master Beast.

After the ring announcer introduces them to the audience the fight begins. Master Beast attacks Drunk Lee with his claws, but he manages to dodge and counterattack, hitting him with one of his gourds on the chin. At that moment the drugs and uppers begin to take effect and the fight rages on.

Master Beast attacks again and this time he manages to torn his opponent in the chest with his razor-sharp claws. Drunk Lee takes a drink of his gourd so he can unleash a flare through his mouth with his Dragon Breath Quirk, causing Beast's coat of fur to ignite. Master Beast falls defeated due to burns.[1]


Drunk Lee is proclaimed the winner of the fight, but he can hardly enjoy his victory as he ends up succumbing to his injuries. both fighters are picked up and taken out of the arena for medical attention, while everything is prepared for the next fight.[1]


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