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Dragon (ドラゴン Doragon?) is the Quirk used by Ryuko Tatsuma.


Dragon allows the user to transform into a dragon, a powerful mythological creature.[1] This form grants them abilities commonly associated with dragons, including flight, powerful jaws and claws.[2] The activation of this Quirk seems to be connected to the claw-like accessory on Ryuko's head.[1][2]

Ryukyu vs. Rikiya.

Ryuko's physical strength in this form allowed her to effortlessly block a punch from Rikiya Katsukame, a yakuza member with superhuman strength, as well as restrain him,[1] and later to knock him back and hurt him despite having been weakened by his Quirk, and despite the latter having just shrugged off one of Nejire Hado's shockwaves.[2] Her durability also increases considerably, allowing her to be hit by her trainees' most powerful attack without taking damage.[2]

It is worth noting that despite her form changing, Ryuko remains capable of grappling with the opponent, grabbing their hands with her claws, restraining them with submissions,[1] and using her fangs as extra appendages in a hold.[2]


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