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Double ( () (ばい) Nibai?) was the Quirk used by Jin Bubaigawara and the Nomu Mocha.


Twice needs accurate data to create a clone.

Double allowed the user to create a copy of anything, two at a time, through touch.

With Double, Jin could produce replicas of anyone to provide support in numbers. He does this by creating a dark-coloured, viscous fluid from his hands that forms into the person in question. In order to conceive a perfect clone, Jin required knowledge of precise measurements and physical features of the person or object he was replicating. Doubles possess the same personality and abilities as the original, making it hard to distinguish them from the real person at a first glance.[1] The copies only recall the memories of the last time they interacted with Jin himself.[2]

How Double works.

Jin had a limit of creating only two doubles at a time. However, because Jin was able to copy himself and his copies also had access to Double, he was theoretically capable of producing infinite replicas of himself by letting his doubles duplicate themselves further. His creation speed was much faster for himself than for others.[2] Even half-destroyed doubles can keep multiplying themselves as long as their arms are intact. This gave Jin the manpower to easily carry out a large task or several smaller ones at once, provided that his doubles cooperated with him. Skeptic claimed that Double could even replicate dead people.

While Jin himself didn't suffer any repercussions from his doubles getting destroyed, he was still capable of detecting their destruction, even if they were far away from his location.[3][4]

With Mocha's duplicate of the Quirk, it is unknown whether the Nomu carried the exact same strengths and weaknesses of Twice's Double. However he was shown creating a clone of his master, Kyudai Garaki, by releasing the same viscous fluid from his ears. The doctor's clone also melted away after being drilled in the arm by another Nomu.


A double of Dabi disintegrating.

Jin needed a flawless image of whatever he planned to duplicate stored within his mind, so the measurements and physical features had to be extremely accurate. Without a perfect image, all Jin would get was a poorly formed copy that wouldn't last long.[1][5] Therefore, every time a person undergoes any physical change, Jin has to take the measurements again.[6]

The copies were less durable and powerful than the real thing, dissolving into a viscous liquid after receiving enough damage, and a second copy is apparently even more fragile. According to Jin, physical injury equivalent to a broken bone is usually enough to extinguish a clone.[7].

When creating clones of other people, they would be created to match their last “point of measurement”, meaning that acquired injuries or conditions would be passed from the original to the clone as well. This is seen with a clone of a fatally injured Himiko Toga, as well as a clone of Mr. Compress still missing his left arm and having to rely on his prosthetic.[8]


Double had a major role in shaping Jin's character, to the point of making him insane. In the past, Jin initially used Double in order to cope with loneliness, since he had no friends or relatives to interact with, but he eventually devolved into criminal life, committing theft and robberies alongside copies of himself.

Jin's doubles fighting for dominance as the real Jin watches.

Jin would abuse his copies to act as servants and follow his bidding. However, due to Jin's doubles sharing the same personality as the original Jin (who was lazy and overbearing), they disliked the slave work they were put in and ended up rebelling against their creator, wrapping him with ropes.[9] As each clone felt they were the real Jin and the other were fakes, they started fighting amongst themselves while Jin could only watch in horror as his own copies kept attacking and killing themselves repeatedly.

Having suffered a traumatic experience with this particular event involving his Quirk, Jin became afraid of using his ability on himself again. If he is left through long periods of time without covering his face with a mask, Jin, as he claims, will end up splitting himself, although it's unknown if he is referring to an actual physical consequence or just a metaphor for his multiple identity disorder. During the Meta Liberation Army Arc, due to a strong desire to protect his comrade, Himiko Toga, and receiving multiple injuries, which confirmed that he is, in fact, the original and not just a clone, Jin overcame his trauma, becoming willing to duplicate himself once more. His clones could also be used for blood transfusion, as shown when Jin created a clone of Himiko to perform one and make up for the blood she had lost. Also, as shown by a Dabi clone's fight with Shota Aizawa, and later noted by Kyudai Garaki's clone, doubles are not melted by Erasure.

Having no qualms in replicating others, Jin is a very useful asset to the League of Villains as his Quirk grants him a way to temporarily increase their numbers if they find themselves short-handed, giving the organization more "subordinates" to attack or distract enemies. This also helped prevent actual members of the League from being killed or caught and arrested by sending clones of them into battle. Giran claims that Jin could potentially take over the entire country with his ability if used correctly. Because of this, Tomura Shigaraki considers Jin a vital part of his villainous goals, and even the Meta Liberation Army had shown interest in drafting Jin into their own ranks.[7]

Jin had doubled the following people:

Jin usually reassured copies that they're nothing more than that, probably to prevent them from rebelling or feeling confused.

The Nomu Mocha used the Quirk to double the following people:

Kyudai used Mocha’s Double to create a clone of himself to perform his physician duties at Jaku Central Hospital while the doctor was busy with Tomura’s surgery.

Super Moves

Infinite Doubles Sad Man's Parade.gif Sad Man's Parade ( () (げん) (ぞう) (しょく) 哀れな行進 (サッドマンズパレード) Mugen Zōshoku Saddo Manzu Parēdo?): The user creates doubles of themself, then the doubles create doubles of themselves, then those doubles create doubles of themselves. This cycle continues, resulting in thousands of doubles of the user.[5]


  • This Quirk is functionally similar to Clones, as they both revolve around creating duplicates out of a viscous liquid. There are a few key differences, though:
    • Ectoplasm can only make replicas of himself, whereas Jin is capable of making doubles of anyone, including himself as well.
    • Ectoplasm can create up to 30 (36 at best) clones, whereas Jin is limited to only 2 Doubles of other people. It is worth noting that Jin can create as many doubles of himself as he wants, as those doubles can use their own Double Quirk on themselves to continuously multiply while bypassing the 2-clone limit.
    • Ectoplasm's clones can't use his Quirk, whereas Jin's doubles can.
    • Ectoplasm can create a massive clone of himself, whereas Jin has not shown such an ability.
  • In the original release, despite creating a copy of Himiko in the Shie Hassaikai Arc[11], Jin later claims in the Meta Liberation Army Arc that Himiko never allowed him to take measurements of her.[6]
    • This was amended in the Volume 24 release, with Jin stating he had to re-measure her because her body had grown again since then.
  • This Quirk is also similar to Creation, as they both enable the creation of objects and both require extensive knowledge of the object's structure to do so. There are differences though:
    • Momo Yaoyorozu cannot create living organisms, whereas Jin is able to do so.
    • Momo can create as many objects as she wishes so long as she has enough fat stored in her body, whereas Jin can only create two objects at any one time.


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