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Detnerat (デトネラット Detoneratto?) is a company dedicated to the production of lifestyle support items.[1]


With the proliferation of Quirks, especially those that cause remarkable physical changes in people, the standardized system of mass production since the industrial revolution was no longer suitable. Given the situation, Detnerat emerged as a company specialized in the production of suitable articles and items for each and every individual customer, ensuring that they can provide them with highly adapted products in just three days.

Thanks to its techniques and systems, Detnerat has risen to the top of lifestyle support manufacturing companies. Recently, the company's President and CEO, Rikiya Yotsubashi, has decided to venture out into the hero support industry.[1] In order to improve their positioning in the Hero support industry, the company leaks its prototypes into the black market. Products leaked are designed to collect data and self-destruct so that the company cannot be found out. [2]

Only Rikiya's closest allies know that he's the Grand Commander of the Meta Liberation Army.

Known Employees

Support Items

Equipment Description User
Water Gatling Gauntlets The Cider House leader wore a pair of gauntlets that allowed him to shoot his Unnamed Seltzer Water Quirk as multiple pressurized streams. Cider House leader.
Curious Flattener The Curious Flattener is a transformable chain ring that creates a box-shaped weapon to allow Curious to use her Landmine Meta Ability at close range. Chitose Kizuki
Proprietary Comms Network and Micro Trancievers Proprietary Comms Network and Micro Trancievers are used to command puppets created by Skeptic's Anthropomorph Meta Ability. Tomoyasu Chikazoku
Sevens Loud Sevens Loud is a mask that amplifies the sound of the user's voice, improving the effective range of Trumpet's Incite Meta Ability. Koku Hanabata
Claustro Claustro is a wearable suit of armor that amplifies Re-Destro's Stress Meta Ability. Rikiya Yotsubashi



  • Detnerat spelled backwards and the R swapped for an L, spells "Talented."


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