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Despot ( (どく) (さい) Dokusai?) is the Quirk used by Dictator.[1]


Dictator's Quirk allows him to puppeteer other people's bodies. He can control several dozen people at a time.

His puppet soldiers retain their consciousness and free will, but are unable to break free of his control.


The control is broken if the victims receive a strong jolt, or if Dictator himself gets knocked unconscious.


  • Dictator's Quirk bears resemblance to Brainwashing, in the sense that they control other people. However, Despot can affect several more people than Brainwashing can.
    • The Quirk also shares similarities to Mummification, with the increased amount of control, and both of their users making use of tethers as the method to control. However, Mummification only works on inanimate objects (though Mummy can control people indirectly).


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