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Denki Kaminari vs. Ibara Shiozaki is a battle fought between Class 1-A student Denki Kaminari and Class 1-B student Ibara Shiozaki during the U.A. Sports Festival's Fighting Tournament.


Present Mic welcomes both competitors to the stage following the removal of ice from the arena. Ibara asks Present Mic why he introduced her as an assassin and explains that all she wishes to do is spread good and salvation across the world. Present Mic apologizes and Denki admits that perhaps everyone in Class 1-B isn't a jerk. He ponders how cute Ibara is and decides he needs to ask her out before he locks in and prepares to fight.[1]


The battle begins and Denki asks Ibara if they could go out to eat after the battle. He claims he wants to comfort her after her loss and that their match will be over in seconds. Denki charges his electricity and uses his Indiscriminate Shock 1.3 Million Volts technique. Ibara simply turns her back to Denki and commands her hair to create a shield of vines to protect her from the shock. Denki enters his dumb state and Ibara counterattacks by sending vines at him. The vines wrap Denki up and hang him over the stage, immobilizing him. Midnight declares Ibara the winner.[1]


Tetsutetsu cheers for Ibara, proud that she's representing Class 1-B. Neito starts taunting Class 1-A about her victory until Itsuka stops him. Watching while on security detail, Mt. Lady tells Kamui Woods that Ibara would make the perfect sidekick for him. Izuku takes notes from the stands, muttering about how he could eventually face Ibara until Ochaco stops him.[1]


  • An extra page was made for this fight in Volume 4.
  • This battle was greatly extended in the anime.


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