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Deika City ( (でい) () () Deika-shi?) is a city in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan. It is the base of operations for the Meta Liberation Army and later the Paranormal Liberation Front after the Army merged with the League of Villains.


According to Koku Hanabata, Deika City is a "Liberated District" where 90% of the inhabitants, including the heroes, are soldiers for liberation. Upon first glance, Spinner calls the city the perfect size, not too big or small.[1]

Deika is a city in the mountains, so its entrance and exit routes are limited and can easily be manipulated by the army. It's described as a city surrounded by nature, the perfect place for the Liberation Army to hide.[2]


Central Tower

Deika's central tower was the base of operations for Re-Destro and the Liberation Army. It was where they held Giran hostage before the tower was disintegrated by Tomura Shigaraki.

Known Inhabitants



  • Deika contains the kanji dei (? lit. "mud") and ka (? lit. "flower") put together means "muddy flower".
    • If the kanji is reversed (花泥) they start the saying "it's no crime to steal flowers".
  • Deika is a reference to D'Qar, a planet from the Star Wars universe.


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