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Crust vs. Nomu is a battle fought between the Shield Hero: Crust and his team of heroes against several Nomu including Chubs, a large High-End. Crust is actively trying to back up Mirko, who's fighting four High-Ends at once, but the opposing Nomu are trying to stop him.


While the majority of the Hospital Raid Team's fighting strength is dedicated to fending off the Nomu, Mandalay's team manages to evacuate the hospital of civilians. Crust listens in to her radio message confirming this and thanks her for the update as he rushes through the morgue to try and catch up to Mirko.

While running through the hallway, Crust notices as he passes several rooms that act as storage chambers for the Nomu. He also surmises the Nomu have several other passages through the hospital other than through the morgue.[1]


Crust fights back the giant High-End.

Crust's path to the mad doctor's lab is suddenly impeded by several Nomu attempting to stop him in his tracks. However, Crust knows he has little time and apologizes to the pitiable foot soldiers for having to defeat them. Crust arms himself using his Shield Quirk and manages to cut a path through the Nomu with little trouble.[2]

After cutting a path through the enemy ranks, Crust reaches the outer part of Doctor Garaki's Laboratory and calls out to Mirko. Just as Crust enters, he's immediately confronted by Chubs, one of the recently awakened High-End Nomu. Chubs uses a booster Quirk to rush at Crust while claiming to know who Crust is despite forgetting his rank. Crust is surprised to see this Nomu can talk and responds that his opponent is correct.[3]

Other Heroes back up Crust.

Chubs forces Crust out of the laboratory and back into the corridor, where it clogs the entire path with its massive size. Three heroes including X-Less catch up to Crust's position, where he's trying to hold back the massive Nomu with just his shields. The No. 6 Hero notices the heroes behind him and requests their help in reaching Mirko as quickly as possible, fearing for the worst as she's facing five of these monsters.

The High-Ends body expansion ability gives Crust's team trouble.

Now reinforced with back up, Crust quickly goes on the offensive and creates two shields larger than his own body that stab into the Nomu. Chubs' face is slashed by one of the shields, but by biting down fiercely with its mouth, part of that shield shatters. It claims Crust's attack isn't good enough and the No 6 Hero actually feels sorry for his opponent.[4]

Despite fighting altogether, Crust and his team are unable to get past the large High-End and back into the laboratory. It continues to spawn mouths and fight the heroes back despite all four of them using their Quirks on the monster in succession.[5]


After getting past a swarm of Nomu, Endeavor finds the corridor where Crust is fighting and asks what's taking so long. Crust reveals his team is having trouble with the High-End's Body Expansion Quirk. Reinforcements in the form of Eraser Head arrive and he steps up to nullify Chubs' Quirk. This allows Endeavor to blast it through the wall of the laboratory. Crust and the rest of the heroes immediately jump into battle against all five of the High-Ends.[6]


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