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The Creature Rejection Clan ( () (ぎょう) (はい) (せき) (しゅ) () (しゅう) (だん) Igyō Haiseki Shugi Shūdan?), also known as CRC, is a villainous organization of religious nature.


Each of the acolytes of this cult is characterized by their religious habits and hiding their faces with skull-shaped masks.[1]


The CRC is a cult-like religious organization that continues to not accept people with physical "abnormalities", especially against those with Mutant-type Quirks, even now that the super powered society has stabilized and escaped from such bigotry. Originally, their main activity was protest, but they became increasingly radical and began committing violent crimes. Their extreme behavior ended up weakening their public support and they shrunk dramatically in size and ended up being scattered into smaller groups.

Today, they have multiple branches with various ideologies, such as the "Animal Rejection Clan", who hate those with animal-like bodies, and the "Face Border Clan", who reject those with "abnormal" heads, but all of these groups are extremely small.[2]

They are very devoted to their ideals and react violently against those who transgress their places of worship. Due to their discriminatory mentality, many consider the members of this hate group to be fossils of a past age.[1]


The cult was performing a ceremony when the League of Villains intrudes into the mansion that the organization uses as a temple. A member of the CRC notices Spinner and mentions his appearance as unpleasant. Another CRC member notes that Himiko Toga and Mr. Compress are trying to steal from them. Compress informs the CRC that, since the League has few funds, they must resort to thieving.

The acolytes of the CRC decide to attack the members of the League for their outrage but Tomura Shigaraki retaliates by blocking a member's attack. Tomura tells the CRC that they will leave as soon as they finish collecting anything valuable. After a short fight, all the members of the CRC are killed by the League of Villains, who continue their search for valuables, although they leave the place with hardly any benefits.[1]

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