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Cow Cowboy (COW (カウ) COW (カウ) ボーイ Kau Kau Bōi?) is a villain in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Cow Cowboy takes the appearance of a very short man with small, dark eyes that are usually hidden by the glare of his glasses, and notably thick eyebrows.

He dons a large cowboy hat with a cow-themed pattern, his horns protruding from each side, and he wears a tuxedo shirt with a plain overcoat. He also wears what appears to be a pendant of some sort, and baggy pants and boots, also sporting a pair of round glasses on his face.


Not much is known about his personality at this time.


My Hero Academia: Vigilantes

He’s seen just outside a farm where he is threatening to destroy it and the neighboring farms if his demands are not met. However All Might shows up and defeats him in one punch. Afterwards the police arrest him.[1]


Stampede Holstein Sisters

Outside of employing them as sidekicks, it's unknown what their relationship was, but when he was arrested they ran off and didn't try to help.



Control Horn: Cow Cowboy's Quirk grants him the ability to mind control cows.


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