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Comic (コミック Komikku?) is the Quirk used by Manga Fukidashi.


Comic allows the user to materialize onomatopoeia into the real world in the form of giant Japanese letters by speaking them.

Manga can create gigantic-sized onomatopoeias.

The onomatopoeia is manifested with the same effects as the sound they're based on.[1] This grants Manga excellent versatility, as he is capable of conjuring various effects by just spelling the right wording. The manifested onomatopoeia are quite durable and can even resist Yuga Aoyama's laser beams.

The onomatopoeia that have been shown so far were:

  • KA-BOOM! BANG! BLAM! BONK!: Creates huge, sturdy letters that crash through an area and function as a wall.
  • DAMP: Creates letters that act as a humidifier.
  • BOING: Creates bouncy letters that can rebound projectiles.

Manga's Quirk makes his entire head look like an actual comic book speech bubble which also affects his height.


Using Comic too much and in rapid succession will eventually cause Manga's throat to become sore, limiting his actions.



  • The Quirk Comic shares many similarities with the first two acts of the Stand Echoes from the Diamond is Unbreakable arc of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.
    • Both use onomatopoeic words as a means of attacking.
    • The onomatopoeia used has an added effect to the sound.
    • However, one key difference is that with Echoes ACT2, the onomatopoeia has to be touched in order for the effect to be applied. Comic's effects, meanwhile, always work. Echoes ACT2 is also limited to one onomatopoeia at a time.
  • It also shares the power set of Levy McGarden from the Fairy Tail series, with her Solid Script magic, as the words emit power just like hers.
  • It also nearly shares the same exact power set of Spika's from the manga series O-Parts Hunter. With her O-Parts being Fairing and wearing a ring-like weapon situated around her neck, which emits soundwaves from her mouth, turns them into words, and attacks her enemies with those said words. Albeit with different words that have that said meaning for defensive and offensive purposes.


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