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Cluster (クラスター Kurasutā?), full name Blasting Speed Turbo: Cluster ( (ばく) (そく) ターボ クラスター Bakusoku Tābo Kurasutā?) is a Super Move performed by Katsuki Bakugo using his Explosion Quirk.


Just like with his Explosive Speed, Katsuki positions his hands backwards, using explosions to quickly propel him forward, only this time, he condenses them to become stronger and faster, resulting in a flurry of bursts that blast him forward at incredible speeds. He describes the attack as being one he can do when he feels he's in a sensation of total crisis.[1]

He first inadvertently used this technique during the Paranormal Liberation War to save Deku from Tomura Shigaraki/All For One's Rivet Stab attack,[2] and then later to arrive and assist the remaining heroes to attack the Near High-End Nomu.[1] He also uses the ability, in combination with the rest of his classmates efforts, in their plan to capture a rogue Izuku.[3]



  • Blasting Speed Turbo: Cluster's original Japanese name ( (ばく) (そく) ターボ クラスター Bakusoku Tābo Kurasutā) indicates that it is a variation of Katsuki's technique Explosive Speed ( (ばく) (そく) ターボ Bakusoku Tābo). Yet due to the English official translation, this indication has been lost and instead implying it is only being similar rather than being a derivative.


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