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Clones ( (ぶん) (しん) Bunshin?) is the Quirk used by Ectoplasm.


Clones allows the user to release a viscous substance from their mouth and shape it into clones of themselves.

Several of Ectoplasm's clones.

By vomiting what appears to be a glowing fluid, Ectoplasm can create up to thirty clones at a time with the fluid (thirty-six if he's in a good mood). The clones are capable of taking on a fair amount of enemies or overwhelming a small group of them due to the obvious advantage in numbers. Ectoplasm is also able to dispel his clones willingly if he needs to.

Ectoplasm and his clones also appear to share the same mind, as the original is shown to be aware of what his duplicates witness even if he is at a long distance from them. The clones are each capable of speech as well, making it possible for Ectoplasm to communicate through them.

The clones themselves can be destroyed with one strong blow.


Ectoplasm overwhelms villains with his clones.

Ectoplasm's Quirk is useful for activities or operations that require a large number of people. This makes him one of U.A.'s most efficient teachers, since the clones give him a method to look for each student individually. Ectoplasm also acts as a competent vigilance system, using his doubles to patrol a vast area.

Ectoplasm can generate a massive clone, but doing so won't allow him to generate any more smaller ones.[1] This giant clone is able to trap people on or in its body, preventing them from moving.

Named Super Moves

Giant Bite Detention.gif Giant Bite Detention (強制収容ジャイアントバイツ Kyōsei Shūyō Jaianto Baitsu?): Ectoplasm releases a large amount of ectoplasm from his mouth and transforms it into a giant clone of himself. The giant Ectoplasm clone then overwhelms and traps the enemy with a bite. He first uses this against Fumikage Tokoyami and Tsuyu Asui during their final exam.[1]


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