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Class 1-B (1 (ねん) B (ビー) (ぐみ) Ichi-nen Bī-Gumi?) is a first-year class in U.A. High School's Heroics Department.


As noted by All Might, although the opposite Hero Course class, Class 1-A, has had the chance to hone their skills in actual combat due to them getting mixed up in multiple Villain attacks, data shows that Class 1-B has actually grown more since the beginning of the school year, as they've stayed out of trouble and thus have been able to quietly dedicate themselves to bringing out their potential.[1] This is also evidenced at an earlier stage, as only one of Class 1-B's students failed the First Term Final Exam versus Class 1-A's five, and, during the Provisional Hero License Exam, all of 1-B's students passed whereas two of 1-A's failed.

Class 1-B does appear to be slightly behind in terms of head-on combat, strategic ability, and quick thinking. However, likely due to their experience with the aforementioned villain attacks, many more students from Class 1-A progressed to the final rounds of their first U.A. Sports Festival than 1-B, and Class 1-A took the Joint Training Battle 3-1 with one draw.

The majority of Class 1-B's students share a friendly rivalry with their parallel class, Class 1-A. However, certain students (most prominently Neito Monoma) take their rivalry to extremes out of jealousy of Class 1-A's popularity and strength and thus desire to topple them.[2] The interactions between the students of Class 1-A and Class 1-B have been few due to the rivalry between the two classes. While Class 1-B treats Class 1-A as rivals (the latter appears to not return the rivalry), the two hero classes are on neutral terms with one another. There are a few in the class who do not outwardly bear ill will towards Class 1-A and are even friendly towards them, such as Itsuka Kendo, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, and Nirengeki Shoda.

Ultimately, the two classes are able to put their differences aside when necessary, (with the exception of Neito, who seems obsessed with the rivalry beyond reason) as shown during the attack by the League of Villains on the mountain training camp when some the members of Class 1-B readily accepted help from Class 1-A's Momo Yaoyorozu, receiving gas masks to protect them from Mustard's Quirk, and Yosetsu Awase later risking his life to protect Momo from a Nomu. They also had a major team-up during the Paranormal Liberation War as a high number of students from each class attempted to sedate Gigantomachia, with jar glasses made by Momo, in order to stop him from making his way to Jaku City. Unfortunately they fail to stop him, but their efforts do manage to get a jar in his mouth, which eventually kicks in and puts Gigantomachia to sleep once he's made it to the city.


Class 1-B Teachers


Class 1-B



  • Class 1-B is the only first-year class of U.A. High School to have all of their peers pass the Provisional Hero License Exam, while their rival class, Class 1-A, had two students fail.
  • According to Neito Monoma's survey of the U.A. School Festival, Class 1-B beat Class 1-A by two ballots.
    • However, his results may have been doctored since Neito's survey was "self-researched."
  • Class 1-B's play "Romeo, Juliet, & the Prisoner of Azkaban: The Return of the Kings" is based off "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" by J.K. Rowling, and "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" by J.R.R. Tolkien, respectively. In the play, there is a scene where Romeo, played by Neito, confronts an antagonist, played by Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, who confesses to him that he is Romeo's father. That scene is a clear reference to the Star Wars franchise, with another character called Obi-Wan also referenced.
  • Class 1-B is also the only class with confirmed foreign-exchange students.


Ranked from tallest to shortest

1.Kojiro Bondo 191cm/6'3" 2.Togaru Kamakiri 189cm/6'2"
3.Shihai Kuroiro 176cm/5'9" 4.Juzo Honenuki 174cm/5'9"
5.Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu 174cm/5'9" 6.Jurota Shishida 174cm/5'9"
7.Sen Kaibara 172 cm/5'8" 8.Yosetsu Awase 172cm/5'8"
9.Neito Monoma 170cm/5'7" 10.Kosei Tsuburaba 170cm/5'7"
11.Hiryu Rin 170cm/5'7" 12.Ibara Shiozaki 167cm/5'6"
13.Itsuka Kendo 166cm/5'5" 14.Nirengeki Shoda 165cm/5'5"
15.Reiko Yanagi 165cm/5'5" 16.Yui Kodai 160cm/5'3"
17.Setsuna Tokage 158cm/5'2" 18.Pony Tsunotori 155cm/5'1"
19.Kinoko Komori 152cm/5'0" 20.Manga Fukidashi 140cm/4'7"


Ranked by oldest to youngest

1.Pony Tsunotori : April 21 2.Neito Monoma : May 13
3.Kosei Tsuburaba : May 19 4.Sen Kaibara : June 12
5.Juzo Honenuki : June 20 6.Hiryu Rin : July 14
7.Ibara Shiozaki : September 8 8.Itsuka Kendo : September 9
9.Setsuna Tokage : October 13 10.Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu : October 16
11.Shihai Kuroiro : November 1 12.Yosetsu Awase : November 7
13.Kinoko Komori : December 2 14.Yui Kodai : December 19
15.Kojiro Bondo : December 23 16.Togaru Kamakiri : January 7
17.Nirengeki Shoda : February 2 18.Manga Fukidashi : February 2
19.Reiko Yanagi : February 11 20.Jurota Shishida : March 26

Joint Training Battles

The following is the outcome of the Joint Training Battles with Class 1-A

  1. Tsuyu Asui, Eijiro Kirishima, Koji Koda, Denki Kaminari, & Hitoshi Shinso vs. Ibara Shiozaki, Jurota Shishida, Kosei Tsuburaba, & Hiryu Rin: Team Asui won[3]
  2. Momo Yaoyorozu, Fumikage Tokoyami, Yuga Aoyama & Toru Hagakure vs. Itsuka Kendo, Shihai Kuroiro, Kinoko Komori, & Manga Fukidashi: Team Kendo won[4]
  3. Shoto Todoroki, Tenya Ida, Mezo Shoji, & Mashirao Ojiro vs. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, Pony Tsunotori, Sen Kaibara, & Juzo Honenuki: Draw[5]
  4. Katsuki Bakugo, Kyoka Jiro, Hanta Sero, & Rikido Sato vs. Yosetsu Awase, Setsuna Tokage, Togaru Kamakiri & Kojiro Bondo: Team Bakugo won[6]
  5. Izuku Midoriya, Ochaco Uraraka, Mina Ashido, & Minoru Mineta vs. Neito Monoma, Yui Kodai, Nirengeki Shoda, Reiko Yanagi, & Hitoshi Shinso: Team Midoriya won

Quirks & Hero Names

Student Name Quirk Hero Name
Yosetsu Awase Weld Welder
Sen Kaibara Gyrate Spiral
Togaru Kamakiri Razor Sharp Jack Mantis
Shihai Kuroiro Black Scheming Hero: Vantablack
Itsuka Kendo Big Fist Battle Fist
Yui Kodai Size Rule
Kinoko Komori Mushroom Shemage
Ibara Shiozaki Vines Vine
Jurota Shishida Beast Gevaudan
Nirengeki Shoda Twin Impact Mines
Pony Tsunotori Horn Cannon Rocketti
Kosei Tsuburaba Solid Air Tsuburaba
Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu Steel Real Steel
Setsuna Tokage Lizard Tail Splitter Lizardy
Manga Fukidashi Comic Comicman
Juzo Honenuki Softening Mudman
Kojiro Bondo Cemedine Plamo
Neito Monoma Copy Phantom Thief
Reiko Yanagi Poltergeist Emily
Hiryu Rin Scales Long Weizi


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