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Class 1-A vs. Nejire Hado & Tamaki Amajiki is an emergency drill in which students in Class 1-A must solve an incident while facing Nejire Chan and Suneater, who play villains in this training.


Students head to Ground Beta.

Class 1-A students are in their classroom when the emergency drill suddenly sounds, reporting that hypothetical villains have infiltrated U.A. High School grounds, requesting Class 1-A to come to the scene. The students put on their hero costumes and quickly head to Ground Beta.

Once there, they see that there is a great smoke, but before acting they request the reconnaissance squad, made up of Anima, Earphone Jack, and Tentacole, to investigate the situation. Using their respective Quirks, they report that there is a building on fire that has collapsed near the river, although no villains have been detected in the area.

Tenya transports his team in the wheelbarrow created by Momo.

With this information, Creati uses her Quirk to create a wheelbarrow and asks Ingenium to form a firefighting squad. Shoto, Tsukuyomi, Sugarman and Can't Stop Twinkling join him. Then, Koji reports that he has detected someone being washed away by the river, so Froppy and Grape Juice tag along Ingenium ’s team as well. They all get on the wheelbarrow, and Ingenium uses his Engine Quirk to get them to the place as quickly as possible. Deku, Uravity, Pinky, Creati, Invisible Girl, Tailman, and Cellophane, form a rescue squad and follow behind on foot.

Bakugo, on the other hand, takes Chargebolt and Red Riot with him in the opposite direction, declaring that they are there to confront the villains.The group of three head towards a deserted car. Earphone Jack, Anima, and Tentacole stay behind to relay new information to the teams.[1]


"Ha! Ha! I'm in danger!"

The firefighters squad arrive at the scene of the fire and Shoto uses his Quirk to generate a large amount of ice that covers the building to extinguish the fire. Meanwhile, Froppy report that the person who is being swept away is Mirio, who plays a civilian in distress. Seeing him approach a collapsed bridge, risking damage from the debris, Froppy and Grape Juice respectively ask Sugarman and Tsukuyomi to thrown them towards the bridge with their Quirk. Grape Juice uses his Grape Juice super move to stop the falling rubble while Froppy rescues Mirio with her tongue.

With the situation seemingly under control, Ingenium calls the reconnaissance squad to ask if they have detected the presence of any villains. They tell back that no one has been detected yet. The class representative asks them to remain alert when a second explosion goes off by the building. Shoto is surprised his ice wasn't enough.

"Villain" Nejire Chan takes Pinky hostage.

The rescue squad reaches the place, and to prevent the fire from spreading, Pinky, Uravity and Cellophane work as a team: Uravity touches Pinky to make her float with her Zero Gravity and Cellophane snags her with his tape, launching her towards the fire. Once in mid-air, Pinky generates a large amount of acid with which to create a ditch around the flames. Can't Stop Twinkling uses his Navel Laser Quirk to make the damaged building to collapse on the fire to deprive the flames of oxygen, and Shoto once more uses his ice powers to cover the entire structure, and this time he successfully manages to snuff out the fire. The situation seems to be finally solved, but Earphone Jack detects someone nearby and warns her companions.

Playing a villain in the drill, Nejire Chan attacks the rescue squad, blasting them away with her Wave Motion Quirk and captures Pinky by rolling her up with the tape. The students are surprised to see her, and she reminds them that there are still villains on stage. Suneater approaches from their rear, also playing a villain... or at least he tries, because he is so nervous about the whole situation that he is unable to interpret his role, so he decides to leave, to the surprise and confusion of Class 1-A.

Suneater ready to fight.

Nejire Chan tells his teammate that he can't walk away without playing his role properly, and tells the students not to do anything as he is holding Pinky hostage. Ingenium, Tsukuyomi, and Shoto attempt to surround her to rescue their classmate, but Nejire Chan notices her presence and upset for disobeying her demands, she attacks them with Nejire Wave, forcing Shoto to shield the group with a wall of ice, causing a strong shake that is used by Mirio to "accidentally" fall into the river, needing to be rescued again in order to distract the surrounding heroes from focusing on Nejire Chan. Ingenium prioritizes human lives, leaving the rescue squad to deal with Nejire Chan. He, Shoto, Tsukuyomi, Froppy and Grape Juice go after Mirio.

Taking the drill more seriously, Deku asks the "villain" Suneater what he wants, to which he replies that he wants to go home, perplexing Class 1-A. However, he declares that he cannot disappoint Nejire Chan nether Mirio, so he gets ready to fight Class 1-A, activating his Manifest Quirk to sprout wings, chicken feet, tentacles, and a clam shell.

Nejire Chan is taken down.

Suneater realizes that Invisible Girl is missing from the group. Deku then signals Uravity to deactivate her Zero Gravity Quirk, removing Pinky's weightlessness to bring her down, dragging down an unsuspecting Nejire Chan with her. At that moment Invisible Girl jumps down from a nearby building to help Pinky. Nejire Chan is surprised at her audacity and uses her Quirk to steady herself, but Invisible Girl uses her Warp Refraction to blind the villains. All this distraction is taken advantage of by Cellophane, who bins Nejire Chan with his Tape, and Momo, who creates a net gun with which she shoots and pins her down.

With Nejire Chan defeated, only Suneater remains. Tailman attacks him and fights him for a while until Suneater grabs him with his tentacles. Tailman signals Deku to attack. It looked like he was going to hit him, but Deku opts to simply grab Suneater and asks him to surrender. Suneater asks why he didn't hit him. Deku replies he couldn't bring himself to hurt him. Suneater criticizes Deku for his naivety, and kicks him away, reminding him that right now he is a villain, and lunges to attack him.

Red Riot saves Deku.

Suddenly, a red car, powered and driven by Chargebolt, is speeding toward them with Red Riot on its hood. After activating his Hardening, Red Riot is blasted forward by Bakugo with his Explosion Quirk, headbutting Suneater. Bakugo, after complaining to Chargebolt because his charge was too slow, Bakugo blasts himself forward to face Suneater, who prepares to face him, but is so scared by Bakugo's angry face that he cannot react, being easily knocked down by the student from Class 1-A. With his defeat, the drill ends.

While all this was happening, Ingenium's team had managed to rescue Mirio again.[1]


Suneater wishing he had gone home.

Class 1-A students celebrate having successfully completed the drill, although some of them think they could have done more. On the other hand, Bakugo is angry because he thinks Suneater went easy on him. The upperclassman tries to explain himself, but Bakugo's anger is so great that he does not listen to him and attacks him with a big explosion, knocking out everyone in the surrounding area.

Seeing this outcome, both All Might and Eraser Head are disgruntled by Bakugo's behavior, so much so that the former cannot help to facepalm and the latter asks a Mini Transport Robot to take Bakugo to the faculty lounge.[1]


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