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Claire Voyance (クレア・ボヤンス Kurea Boyansu?) is a Pro Hero working with Endeavor in Otheon.


Claire Voyance is a curvy woman with bright blue eyes, large blue-tinted glasses, and straight blonde hair with a brown patch stemming from her roots.

She wears a form-fitting royal blue suit with a wide opening in the chest area, with the space being taken up by a high-collared white dress shirt. The suit has a dark magenta zipper going down the middle, and both of its short sleeves have the WHA logo. She also wears thigh-high black boots with a dark magenta line snaking down the legs, and strapped to her right thigh is a brown holster containing her pulse gun.




Has a sidekick.



Voyance (透視 (ボヤンス) Boyansu?): Claire's Quirk gives her x-ray vision, able to see through anything in her sights.


Pulse Gun: Claire keeps a gun holstered on her left side. The gun seems to fire some sort of pulse.


  • Claire's full name is a pun on "clairvoyance," the ability to see the future.
  • Claire shares her birthday with Melissa Shield and Ichimoku Samazu.
  • Her sidekick's Quirk is Flying Squirrel (ムササビ Musasabi?).

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