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Cider House (サイダーハウス Saidāhausu?)[1] is a minor villain team that operated during the start of the Meta Liberation Army Arc, and later in the aftermath of the Paranormal Liberation War.


All members of the gang wore similar horned masks, save for the leader, who instead wore a belt with this imagery. Each of the members also wear navy blue jackets, with the leader wearing a light blue variation.


Cider House consists of a gang of pickpockets who operated mainly during the holiday season, having studied the patterns and routes of hero and civilian activity in a specific street for a whole month, with the intent of maximizing profits from their looted items while facing minimal resistance.

Their leader, an unnamed young man, possesses a Quirk that allows him to control carbonated water. He also has connections with the black market, having acquired a pair of gauntlets provided by Detnerat that could convert his water blasts into gatling shots.


Meta Liberation Army Arc

Katsuki faces the Cider House leader.

The members of Cider House had been preparing for a massive stealing operation, surveying the area and the heroes' patrol routes for a month to know when the best time to act would be. In this way, one Sunday at early December, the Cider House carries out their plan, stealing purse, wallets and anything valuable from innocent patrons, taking advantage of the moment when there would be no heroes in that area of the city.

When it seems that their plan would succeed, at that moment they are attacked by Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki, who just half an hour earlier had managed to obtain their Provisional Hero Licenses. Cider House's leader is upset by their intervention, and even though they are just students, he orders his henchmen to flee with the stolen belongings. Katsuki defeats them all easily, while Shoto faces the leader, who has a support device that empowered his seltzer Quirk, yet he is defeated by the student.

Cider House is arrested, and all stolen belongings are returned to their owners. Both Katsuki and Shoto are praised for their feat. Cider House is sent to prison.[2][3]

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

Cider House looting a restaurant.

Several months later, shortly after the Paranormal Liberation War, All For One uses Tomura Shigaraki's body to retrieve his original body from Tartarus Prison, freeing the prisoners as well.[4] To make harder for the authorities to pursue him, he orders the newly released prisoners and the High-End Nomus to attack other prisons, freeing even more villains.[5]

Thanks to this, Cider House gang escapes from Shian Prison. Taking advantage of the absence of heroes due to recent events, the gang decides to storm a restaurant to get money and food, but the workers fights back, armed with Support Gear in order to face them. Cider House gang is defeated, but the workers also ended up seriously injured. Moreover, due to their lack of training, the fight caused horrific collateral damage on the streets.[1]


Surfing: The members of Cider House are skilled at keeping their balance on the water, as they were able to ride a massive wave of water through the streets.


Unnamed Seltzer Water Quirk: One member of Cider House possesses a Quirk that allows him to generate large amounts of carbonated water.


Water Gatling Gauntlets: The member with the seltzer Quirk wore a pair of gauntlets that allowed him to shoot his water as multiple pressurized streams.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


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