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Chuma Yakumaru ( (やく) (まる) (ちゅう) () Yakumaru Chūma?)[2] is an Instant Villain from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Chuma is a man with a disheveled appearance, with greasy dark hair almost reaching his shoulders. His face shows a haggard appearance, with noticeable cheekbones, some stubble of beard, and intense glade. He wears a dirty open shirt, pants and dark shoes.

After consuming Trigger, his physique becomes much larger and muscled, his skin turns darker, and have large eyes without iris.


Due to their interactions, Chuma presents an antisocial and misanthropic behavior, insulting and threatening every person who speaks to him, even if they do it in good manners. He also has mental instability and great dependence on drugs, quickly injecting three capsules of Trigger that Kuin Hachisuka offers him, only to attack her shortly after injecting the drug.


Chuma using his Quirk.

Searching for people with an exceptional Quirk to manifest, Kuin approaches him and gives him a batch of Trigger. The Junkie injects the Trigger into himself, turned into an Instant Villain, and attacks Kuin but she dodges with ease and encouraging him to fight and leaps away. Then, he starts to attack innocent civilians.

The panic generated causes the Naruhata Vigilantes arrives to stop him. He and Knuckleduster engage in a brutal fist fight, in which despite his Quirk and superior strength, he is defeated by Knuckleduster.



Bruiser (打撃 Dageki?): Chuma's Quirk grants him the ability to power up one of his limbs, allowing him to attack with a powerful blow. The more time he takes to charge up, the stronger his attack will be.

When he is enhanced by Trigger, his whole body powers up.

Battles & Events

Vigilantes Beginnings Arc


  • The kanji in Chuma's name is composed of "medicine, chemical" (?), "round" (?), "loyalty, faithfulness" (?), and "horse" (?).


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