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Christopher Skyline vs Kaiju Villain is a battle between Captain Celebrity and a Kaiju Villain.


Kuin causing another villain outbreak.

The city is under attack by a Godzilla-like Villain. Among the crowd of frightened people, is the person responsible for the situation, Kuin Hachisuka. She determines that Gigantification Quirks are not useful because, although powerful, are easily identifiable and attracts heroes quickly.

Meanwhile, Koichi and Kazuho are helping in the evacuation, when Koichi hears a girl asks for help in rescuing someone called Masahiko. Captain Celebrity shows up and Koichi informs him that someone could not get away. However, Captain Celebrity decides to wait until the media arrives on the scene and since the Police Force have not made any requests he is not obligated to act. An aggravated Koichi goes off to rescue Masahiko himself.[1]


Koichi saving the dog.

When Captain Celebrity is informed that everything is arranged, he flies to the monster Villain and starts beating it up; after a few more blows the monster falls down while Captain Celebrity rescues a female civilian. However, his recklessness in handling the monstrous Villain causes collateral damage in nearby buildings, which sends debris flying everywhere, forcing Koichi to dodge the debris.

Koichi reaches the house, and to his surprise Masahiko is a dog. As Koichi gets the dog's chain off it, Captain Celebrity finishes off the monstrous Villain, who falls onto a building, causing it to collapse, and falling Koichi him but Captain Celebrity rescues Koichi.[1]


Koichi can't stand Captain Celebrity.

Koichi is disappointed that he ended up being saved, but the little girl thanks Koichi for saving Masahiko. Captain Celebrity admits that Koichi deserves all the credit for rescuing the dog, only because it is out of his area of expertise. Koichi thanks Captain Celebrity for the compliment. However, Captain Celebrity doesn’t like his "drab" hoodie, much to Koichi's chagrin. Captain Celebrity flies off as an annoyed Koichi is still unable to appreciate the American Hero.[1]


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