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Christopher Skyline vs. Bomber is a confrontation planned by Number 6 where Captain Celebrity has to face a Bomber.


Shortly after the year is about to end, Captain Celebrity celebrates Christmas alongside the Marukane Performers at the Marukane Department Store, where he is informed by Makoto that he may now return to the U.S.A., as his wife Pamela is pregnant, which surprises the Captain. After the party, he escorts the Sisters of Saint Lila's Academy to a taxi that will take them home, while talking to Makoto about how much he likes the fact that he is going to be a father.

Unfortunately, without him or anyone else knowing, the villain known as Number 6 has set up a trap for Captain Celebrity to test him and analyze his abilities, as well as test the latest creation of the Villain Factory: the Bomber. On top of a building to observe the course of events, Number 6 begins his plan.[1]


Out of nowhere, the Bomber emerges from the night sky and catches the taxi with its rear claws, taking the vehicle through the air. The taxi driver manages to escape in time but the girls are still inside it, scared by what is happening, while the Bomber rises higher and higher through the air. Without thinking twice, Captain Celebrity goes out in pursuit of the creature to save the girls. But when he is about to reach it, Number 6 uses a device that makes the Bomber to self-destruct, causing a powerful explosion.

All witnesses are shocked at what happened, fearful for Captain Celebrity and the girls. Fortunately, Captain Celebrity emerges out of the smoke, protecting the girls. Before the creature exploded, the hero had time to rescue the Little Sisters and use his Quirk to generate an aerodynamic barrier to protect them, although doing so he lowers his own protection, suffering several wounds. Despite this, the girls were not harmed, although they are still scared.[1]


The witnesses come to Captain Celebrity and begin to take pictures for his feat. He asks them to stop because he’s looking his worst, but Makoto encourages him by saying that he has never looked better. With this prowess, the popularity of Captain Celebrity in Japan increased exponentially.

On the other hand, Number 6 is also satisfied with the results of his little "test". Not only is he satisfied with the capabilities of the Bombers as weapons, but he has also been able to deduce the weak point of Captain Celebrity’s Quirk. Number 6 already begins to plan a new attack with which to kill Captain Celebrity, using a greater number of Bombers for it.[1]


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