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Chizome Akaguro vs. Abegawa Tenchu Kai is a battle fought between Vigilante Stendhal against the four main executives of the Abegawa Tenchu Kai.[1]


Stendhal attacks the Abegawa Tenchu Kai.

The Abegawa Tenchu Kai is a Yakuza organization that recently has been registered under police jurisdiction and as such, they are going to be treated like criminals. The four main executives are know for have powerful Quirks, but what was truly fearsome about them was not the strength of the Quirks, but rather their "reflexes" for violence, allowing the executives to instantaneously transition into combat.

Beside this, the Vigilante Stendhal had set himself the goal of killing them, and had formed some kind of alliance with Kuin Hachisuka, who gives him the blood samples of the main executives, from their last medical examination.[2]


Haruhisa Smash!

The four executives are in the Abegawa Tenchu Kai 's main office in Tokyo's Danto Ward, when suddenly, Stendhal appeared before them, entering violently through the window. Tank Tetsu demands him to know who sends him, but Stendhal simply throws his knives in response.

Tank Tetsu immediately activates his Quirk, equipping his body with metal armor and deflecting the knives with ease. Hammer Souji slams the floor while Barehanded Haruhisa tries punching Stendhal, who is then forced to jump into the air in order to dodge the barrage of attacks. The battle-hardened veteran combination would force the enemy airborne where they were cornered, which is all set up for Manhole Rojiya's finishing blow: throwing his mighty manhole with a considerable amount of force at the vigilante

Stendhal licks the bandages.

As Rojiya begins throwing his manhole cover, Stendhal removes his mask halfway and licks the blood samples of the four executives he had in the bandages on his arm. Suddenly, the executives of the Abegawa Tenchu Kai became paralyzed and unable to move. In that fleeting moment, with a single slash, Stendhal cuts down the immobilized executives, killing them.

The commotion attracts more members of the Yakuza into the room. The yakuza see the dead bodies of their bosses, but before they could do anything, Stendhal cuts them down as well while telling them that he is the "Convictor".[1]


Stendhal unmasked.

After killing the four executives and several members of the Abegawa Tenchu Kai, Stendhal prepare to leave. Suddenly, Kuin Hachisuka arrives and asks him to return the blood samples she loaned him. Stendhal gives them back.

For her help, Kuin demands that Stendhal return the favor by taking out specific targets for her. Stendhal warns her to not to push her luck since someday she will be “judged”, but until then, he will oblige to Kuin's demand since even the lowest of filth has its worth.

Kuin shows pictures of the Instant Villains that the Naruhata Vigilantes have been facing and asks Stendhal to eliminate them.[1]


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