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Negotiations (交渉 Kōshō?) is the ninety-sixth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Kochi shocked to know that someone broke-in at his penthouse.

Miu & Yu arrive at Hopper's Cafe, where they see the rest of their friend group from Narufest are also there looking for more information regarding Pop. The Hotta Brothers inform them about what Midnight told them, that Pop's currently in a stable condition, Koichi is doing all he can to help right now, and that the rest of the kids should just not worry about too much for now. Seeing them still feeling distressed, the Brothers offer them a bite to eat, mentioning that they wouldn't be getting too many customers lately anyway until things settle down outside.

Koichi hangs on his rooftop where he looks over his two phones, one for contacting Soga and his personal phone he turns on once a day. He's met with a barrage of calls from his mom, and texts from his dad, who is aware of the current situation. Koichi reassures him everything is fine. Rapt shows up on another rooftop prepared to throw Koichi his food, but he uses his Quirk to casually leap over to him. He accidentally tells Koichi about the break-in at his apartment and that Soga had gone to investigate, telling him not to worry.

Naomasa confronts Soga.

Soga looks over Koichi's Penthouse, noticing how he's the only renter left in the building, after all the rest of the property has been bought up and being prepared to re-develop. Soga figures the intruder was looking for something specific, and after following the dust patterns inside the building, he discovers something stashed in the corner of an empty room under a sheet. Right as he opens up to see what's underneath, he receives a call of Moyuru, telling him the cops have arrived at the Hospital.

Naomasa confronts Soga saying that they'll be in charge of the ward now and that his group will be cooperating with their investigation. Soga agrees to, but also points out how slow the cops took to act on this, how he knows they aren't prepared to devote their resources to however long Pop may be unconscious, and criticizes that due to the nature of how the system is set up, they aren't able to catch and resolve the stuff that falls through the cracks.

Midnight tries to play mediator saying to cooperate for now, but Naomasa jumps in to also mention their arrest warrant for "The Crawler". Naomasa claims that left to his own devices, he may encounter a real villain which could result in some real damage; Soga asks if he believes he's not prepared for that, while he rebuts that it's because he knows he's prepared that it's a problem.

Ingenium deployed!

Naomasa commands Soga to call Koichi over, which he reluctantly does, telling Moyuru to give him the "Wake Up Call". Koichi receives an alarm on his phone, which he remembers from Soga that it indicates there's an emergency and he needs to run and hide. Koichi and Soga each proceed to scram, while Naomasa orders half his police force to follow him after Soga. Midnight stops him to remind that the men are supposed to be there to guard the hospital, while also calling him a terrible negotiator, which he annoyingly agrees with.

Naomasa calls up Team Idaten, who inform Ingenium that their operation is a go after the negotiations failed, as he is deployed to catch the High-Speed Villain, "The Crawler".

Chapter Notes

  • The Narufest gang is informed by the Hotta Brothers about Koichi and Pop's current situation.
  • Soga investigates the break-in at Koichi's Penthouse and discovers a mysterious object stashed in the building.
  • Naomasa attempts to negotiate with Soga regarding protection for the hospital and Koichi's arrest.
  • Koichi flees his current location while Soga flees the police.
  • Ingenium is sent in to capture Koichi.

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