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Moon ( Tsuki?) is the ninety-fifth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


At U.A. High, Present Mic shows up to Eraser Head asking to go out to eat, but he turns him down, mentioning how he's been subbing in for Midnight since she's had to step out. Mic pulls out an ear bud in Eraser's ear, discovering that he's been listening to the Naruhata news stations. Mic asks him if he's worried about the situation since he has some old friends over there, but he denies it. Mic says that if he cares about them so much he should keep wiping their butts, but he gleefully responds "I'm not their teacher", which Mic laughs at, knowing his true feelings through his voice. Eraser then proceeds to get a text from Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi.

Rapt worried that Koichi's home has been robbed.

Midnight calls Soga to inform him that Kazuho's condition has stabilized, but they are still unsure when she'll regain consciousness. Soga tells her that they're prepared to give the authorities all the intel that Iwao Oguro had collected for them, once they are sure Kazuho's safety is guaranteed, which Midnight agrees, especially after the attack on the police station.

Soga calls Koichi next, where he complains about having to still wear the same underpants, so he gives Rapt the key to his penthouse to retrieve more clothes. Arriving there, Rapt notices that the window has been busted, thinking about the potential of burglars, but pays it no mind. As he rummages through the clothes, he is unaware of the now missing bag containing Knuckleduster's knuckles and mask.

Koichi thinks of Kazuho

Koichi thinks back to sometime in the past, where he brought Kazuho outside to look at the moon. He talks about how the views are normally not that great due to all the buildings surrounding them, and that a smaller slice of the sky makes the moon look bigger. Kazuho blushes and laughs at the line for being "so deep". In the present, Koichi looks up at the moon, thinking about Kazuho and how when she finally wakes up, they'll have plenty to talk about, whatever that may be, and that he's not going anywhere.

At the police station, an irritated Naomasa argues with Makoto as she tries to get more information regarding the situation, but refuses to budge. Makoto continues to do her part on her side, backed up by Captain Celebrity and Pamela. Naomasa reflects on how he knows the attack on the station was a plot to hinder the Naruhata Investigation, and that Eizo Tanuma is currently in critical condition with no signs of waking up. He also thinks about Soga's words to him that they should be doing their jobs right.

Officer Sansa soon arrives, holding the arrest warrant for "Koichi Haimawari aka The Crawler". He thinks about how as the authorities, they can't allow themselves to rely on outlaws, and to do so would admit that the justice system has failed. The two head out to conduct their operation, as he prepares to take back the reins from the Naruhata Vigilantes.

Chapter Notes

  • Eraser Head is following along to the news regarding the situation in Naruhata.
  • Kazuho's condition has stabilized, but it is still unknown when she will regain consciousness.
    • Soga and the crew agree to provide Iwao's intel on the Villain Factory for Kazuho's confirmed protection.
  • Koichi's Penthouse has been broken into, with Knuckleduster's knuckles and mask unknowingly missing.
  • Makoto tries to pry more information out of Naomasa, to no avail, and continues her personal search.
  • It is revealed Eizo Tanuma is alive, though in critical condition and no signs of waking up.
  • Naomasa receives an arrest warrant for Koichi, and plans to use this opportunity to shut down the Naruhata Vigilantes for good.

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