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Underground Roots ( () () (けい) Chikakei?) is the ninety-fourth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


The citizens of Osaka rejoice as the mass outbreak of villains is resolved, as All Might tops a new record in defeating nearly 100 villains in one fell swoop, as well as assisting in many aspects of the clean up, before leaping off and heading back home (while also entering “Might Sleep”). A young Fat Gum watches this occur, thinking about how big a deal he is, and how putting on some more weight could be of great use to him, ordering more boxes of takoyaki.

All For One calms the Hooded Man down.

In All For One’s hideout, Hood rampages around, yelling that he can still fight, when he is stopped and restrained by All For One. He tells him his strength, agility, and regeneration had greatly weakened after just a few minutes of battle, initially believing his martial arts skills would’ve got the job done, but that his commitment to brawling messes with his new Shape-Shifting ability. Using his Quirks to shut him down, All For One tells Kurogiri to transport him over to the Doctor for further modifications.

All For One reflects that he can be patient, since every step leads him closer to All Might, though still states that getting his hands on Overclock would’ve furthered the cause, saying that it will be his eventually and he already knows how he’ll put it to use.

The allies prepare to leave.

As the cleanup outside the parking garage finishes up, Tiger Bunny prepares to head out. O’Clock tells her that she might get some compensation if he mentions her in his report, but she says she doesn’t need it, as she’ll be making it on her own as a full-fledged hero soon. Asking what The Rapper will be up to next, he says he’s not sure given all he’s even known is fighting, with her responding that if he continues on as a villain, she’ll be sure to save her less deadly kicks for guys like him.

After hopping off, The Rapper heads out too, ready to look for a new playground. O’Clock tells him to be wary, believing the Underground Masquerade will restart back up under a new name elsewhere, and be just as dangerous, with The Rapper responding he can’t wait, and that if they ever meet again, he’s playing for keeps.

Detective Eizo begins to see the connection between the UGM and the recent incidents.

The next day, O’Clock communes with Eizo Tanuma about how his Quirk is best suited for gathering intel rather than straight combat, and letting other heroes take the lead once he’s found enough intel, and how this recent incident led him to recruit a pair of accomplices into the field. Eizo asks for more information on the interference and accompplises, but O’Clock wants to keep investigating first, knowing how crafty his opponent is if they try to go at them through official channels. Eizo asks if he’s being cautious, with O’Clock responding that he needs to be prepared for more than just that, before running off again.

Back in the present day, Eizo finishes reading over the report, about how the Underground Masquerade ended up being connected to All For One, and how it was supposedly resolved in the secret showdown between him and All Might. He then starts to think about how similiar the Instant Villain cases in Naruhata, followed by the rise of the Next-Level Villains, the Sky Egg Incident, and BeePop’s attack, are to it, believing that the Villain Factory is connected to the Underground Masquerade, with possibly the same mastermind.

Number 6 destroys all evidence and traces related to the Villain Factory.

Just then, he’s visited by a man who works in the archives, asking if he can look over the documents he just signed out, with Eizo mentioning how he’s using the information to connect the Underground Masquerade case to the Naruhata Villain Outbreaks. The man suddenly explodes the document, telling him that making the connection would cause far too much trouble, exploding the floor of the building just as Eizo asks who he is.

The man, Number 6, leaps out as an illusion of O’Clock congratulates him on a job well done, to strike first and erase every trace of the past, so that the powers that be can’t make a move. Number 6 gleefully looks on, as he prepares to keep the enemy in the dark, to remain free and untouchable.

Chapter Notes

  • All Might achieves a new record in defeating nearly 100 villains at once in the Osaka outbreak, before going back home.
    • Fat Gum is inspired by All Might to get bigger.
  • All For One reprimands Hood for his failure, before sending him to Doctor Garaki for further modifications, while still scheming to get Overclock.
  • Tiger Bunny and The Rapper go in their separate directions, as the former prepares to become a full-fledged hero, while the latter continues to find new playgrounds to fight in.
  • Feeling wary about the nature of the Masquerade incident, O'Clock prepares to keep investigating before revealing any information.
  • Back in the present, Eizo Tanuma concludes reviewing the case:
    • It is revealed they eventually learned the mastermind of the Underground Masquerade was All For One
    • He knows about the secret showdown between All For One and All Might
    • He notes the similarities between the Underground Masquerade and all the incidents of the Villain Factory in the past 3 years, believing All For One to potentially be responsible.
  • Number 6 destroys Eizo's documents and seemingly kills him in an explosion, in order to hide this connection and keep his trail dark before his next attack.

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  • This chapter was initially titled The Underground Masquerade Case (UGM事件 UGM Jiken?) but was amended in the volume release.

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