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Tanuma's Report (Tanuma Report Tanuma Report?) is a bonus chapter of Chapter 94 of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Naomasa Tsukauchi and Sansa Tamakawa investigate the bombing of the police office, with Naomasa wondering what they were after if they went this far to harm its lead investigator. He asks Sansa what Eizo Tanuma was working on, explaining he was digging up the old files related to Naruhata, Osaka, etc. Naomasa laments over the files having been burned up alongside everything, but Sansa states since he was in the middle of editing them and Eizo's notes, they're still on the server.

Naomasa follows Eizo's reportings, as he details the rise of the Quirk-enhancing drug, Trigger, and all the incidents within Naruhata that resulted from it within the past two to three years. He notes the various amount of criminals that came about through these incidents, including the Instant Villains, Supermassive Villains, Remodelled Villains, and Bomber Villains. He further goes into his belief now that the Underground Masquerade and Villain Factory cases are connected, and while still unsure of their true goal, is aware at least of two of the beings behind everything, the "Bee User" and the Scarred Man.

Naomasa states his readings feel like a conspiracy theory, thinking about what their next move should be when Sansa appears telling him the Heroes have just arrived for their upcoming joint operation. Naomasa heads off, leaving Eizo's file on the Vigilantes page, where he states his opinion that when dealing with these shadowy organizations that exist in the gray zone, someone like a vigilante may be able to better navigate those gray zones and quickly respond to the threats. While their efforts can't be officially condoned, their existence is a necessary evil, and maintaining a cooperative relationship would be an effective measure against the organization: to "fight fire with fire".

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  • This is a bonus chapter featured in Volume 12, acting as a semi-recap and character profile for the series.

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