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From Teacher To Disciple ( () (てい) のメッセージ Shitei no Messēji?) is the ninety-fourth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


All Might has punched All For One, successfully hitting him. However, the punch All Might delivered was only a decoy that was meant to lower All For One's guard. All Might transfers One For All to his right arm and prepares for the final attack he will ever use. All Might uses United States of Smash on All For One, which creates a great shockwave. After the dust clears, All For One is in a crater, badly beaten and unconscious.

All Might raises his arm to display his victory, and the reporter from the news helicopter announces it. All Might transforms into his Hero form while raising his arm, signifying that he is the Symbol of Peace which causes the citizens watching to start celebrating. Edgeshot wants All Might to preserve his strength, but Gran Torino stops him, as he wants All Might to enact his dream of being the Symbol of Peace for one last time.

With the battle over, Pro Heroes begin carrying out rescue operations to save people who are trapped under the rubble that resulted from All Might and All For One's battle. Meanwhile, Endeavor and All Might watch All For One being placed in an iron maiden. Now that All For One is properly imprisoned, All Might points to the camera and delivers a message: "You're next." The citizens watching take All Might's message as a warning to all villains out there, causing the citizens to praise All Might and start celebrating again. However, Izuku Midoriya knows what All Might's message truly meant: that his time as Symbol of Peace has come to an end and he is the next successor. Izuku now realizes that All Might's time has truly come to an end and starts crying.

The next day, All For One is incarcerated into a special prison for criminals for whom the death penalty is not enough. All For One, in a wheelchair and on life support, wonders where he is, much to the prison guard's annoyance who is pushing him to his holding cell, the prison guard tells him his location. All For One apologizes, causing the prison guard to assume that he is unable to see. All For One reveals that for the past six years he has been using an Infrared Quirk to sense his surroundings as a way to compensate for his blindness, but due to all the sensors he is unable to sense anything and apologizes to the prison guard. The prison guard is flabbergasted that All For One fought All Might in such a condition.

In one of the holding cells, Stain is seen. While being pushed to his holding cell, All For One is not angry or upset for losing against All Might. Instead, he is happy, his defeat at All Might's hands will grow Tomura Shigaraki's hatred for All Might, as well as his regret for being unable to save his sensei. It will motivate Tomura to gain experience and become stronger. All For One smiles, knowing that even though he lost the battle, he has succeeded at being the better teacher than All Might, as teachers are meant to help their students become independent. All For One says to himself that Tomura is the successor who will inherit the All For One Quirk.

Thus, the battle between evil (All For One) and good (One For All) is passed on to the next generation: Tomura Shigaraki and Izuku Midoriya.

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