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Three-Second-Back-and-Forth (3秒の攻防 3 Byō no Kōbō?) is the ninety-third chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


All Might defeats all the villains in a few seconds.

The out-of-control Masquerade attendees continue to rampage around the local shopping districts and residential areas, as the police and nearby heroes attempt to halt them. Eizo Tanuma prepares to call in for more backup, however, in no time flat with barely any effort, All Might shows up, defeating all the villains, rescuing the civilians, and accomplishing several other tasks all at once. As Eiza tells All Might about the other situation going on inside the building, Kurogiri relents that All Might's actions barely bought them anytime, but All For One gleefully responds that it bought them "three seconds."

Back in the parking structure, O'Clock and The Rapper continue their assault on the Hooded Man, with O'Clock thinking about how he's been able to rework his body into being a powerhouse of mass destruction, while also noting his jumbo-sized attacks become more predictable to deal with. While The Rapper keeps the Hooded Man busy with a head-on barrage of punches, O'Clock provides back-up with several subtle tricks, including slicing him with his knife or tackling him to knock him off balance.

An enraged Hooded Man gets back up.png

As O'Clock heads back to take a breather, he suddenly notices the Hooded Man knocking The Rapper down using a piece of the ring cage, noting that he's a lot smarter than he appears, about to swat him with it with no way to dodge. Just then, Tiger Bunny appears, knocking the Hooded Man to the ground with her swift kick. Despite both telling her to leave, she states she wasn't gonna be the only one on the sidelines and wants to join in the fight, saying she is a hero in training and not gonna turn tail when there's a villain around; O'Clock silently admires the good job she did.

The Hooded Man gets back up, yelling at the three that killing them will make him the strongest. Meanwhile, All For One becomes irritated, as the few seconds Tiger Bunny gave them by returning to help, allowed All Might to arrive. Kurogiri uses his Quirk to quickly retrieve the Hooded Man, as he screams saying he can still fight. All Might arrives, confused, as Tiger Bunny informs him he got away, while O'Clock thinks to himself about what's going on.

Chapter Notes

  • All Might arrives on the scene of the outside chaos and solves the issues almost immediately, buying All For One "three seconds"
  • The Hooded Man is about to take down O'Clock with a surprise attack, but is saved by Tiger Bunny.
  • With their advantage lost, Kurogiri warps the Hooded Man away, just before All Might appears.

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  • This chapter was initially titled Three Seconds (3秒 3 Byō?) but was amended in the volume release.

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