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Might Signal (マイトシグナル Maito Shigunaru?) is the ninety-second chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Sir Nighteye advises All Might to rest

All Might returns back to his agency at Might Tower, where he’s greeted by a hoard of news reporters congratulating him on his new record of resolving consecutive incidents within the past three days. All Might bids them adieu, thanking the people for referring to him as the “Symbol of Peace”, and thanking all the other heroes and civilians out in the world doing their best to protect society, before disappearing behind his Might Gate.

A more relaxed All Might, dressed in pyjamas, goes to see his assistant, Sir Nighteye, looking for any last minute jobs, but Nighteye tells him his priority should be getting some rest after going 72 hours working non-stop. Just then, his “Might Sense” goes off, as Nighteye notices an emergency dispatch from Osaka. The All Might Emergency Paging System, or Might Signal, is activated, turning all of the local mascots and advertisements into All Mights, as their way of sending the message and informing he’s on the way. All Might quickly suits up and blasts off, despite Nighteye wanting to check if local heroes could respond first, knowing Osaka’s calling for him personally.

AFO explains to Kurogiri the concept of a Villain

With Tiger Bunny successfully escaping, O’Clock tells The Rapper All Might should be on his way and they should find somewhere to hide, but The Rapper declines, reiterating that if the Hooded Man is here for a fight, he is happy to indulge, forcing O’Clock to have to stick back and try to help and fend off the creature before he arrives.

Kurogiri informs All For One that since All Might is on his way, they should retreat so as not to lose their valuable test subjects, as well as O’Clock, but All For One, annoyed that he can’t watch the fight between O’Clock and the Hooded Man, instead requests Kurogiri to assist him in buying some time. Using Warp Gate, All For One places his hand on several of the unconscious individuals, utilizing his Quirk on each of them.

All For One talks to Kurogiri about what constitutes the differences between a “hero” and a “villain”, believing that it should be defined by the relationship between a person’s will and their Quirk. When the will and Quirk support each other to form a bedrock of resolve, those people are “heroes”, but when an extreme and violent will stimulates the Quirk to run amok, or when the Quirk twists a person’s will to create a dangerous imbalance, they become known as “villains”. He notes that the nature of villainy is due to that sense of essential imbalance, and thus, if he were to force a person’s Quirk to rage out of control, he could turn anyone into a villain.

Heroes and the police dealing with the outbreak.

Outside the parking lot, Eizo Tanuma, Tiger Bunny, and the police officers suddenly notice a mob of the fighters that start to rampage out of control, forcing them to fight them off. Several of them make their way onto the streets, terrorizing the civilians, forcing everyone to flee (with Fat Gum also caught in the chaos).

All For One laughs to himself with how much trouble he’s caused, and how it’ll take even All Might a bit of time to resolve everything, though Kurogiri reminds him that this incident will almost surely provide a heavy clue he is responsible and that they’ve gone too far. All For One responds that the heroes are welcome to the clue, and that it’s a risk he’s willing to take to allow him to watch O’Clock fight (as the Hooded Man continues to pump itself up), and attempt to take his Overclock Quirk now.

Chapter Notes

  • More information about All Might's time as a hero pre-injury are revealed:
    • All Might still possesses a "true form" he transforms into when off call, albeit non-skeletal.
    • Sir Nighteye continues working as his assistant and handling his paperwork.
    • He uses "Might Sense", as well as his "Might Ears" to detect trouble nearby.
    • The All Might Emergency Paging System, or Might Signal, is activated for the first time.
  • The Rapper refuses to stand down and escape, forcing O'Clock to standby and help fend off the Hooded Man until All Might arrives
  • All For One uses his Quirk to cause the remaining Masquerade attendees' Quirks to rampage out of control, sending them onto the streets as a distraction.
    • The early stages of the eventual emergence of the Instant Villains
  • All For One's main priority is to watch O'Clock fight and steal Overclock.

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