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Dash Ahead to Plan B (走るプランB Hashiru Puran B?) is the ninety-first chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


The Hooded Man duels O’Clock, using his Quirks to extend his arm to try and attack, while the latter uses his to quickly dodge. The Hooded Man’s fists and attacks cause chaos to erupt in the arena as the stage is destroyed and the attendees try to run and flee. Tiger Bunny and The Rapper return to provide back-up for O’Clock, with him telling them to execute Plan B.

In his secret base, All For One is annoyed at being unable to see a clear view of the battle, due to most of the security cameras being destroyed, as well as the panicking spectators getting in the way. He contemplates clearing the arena himself, but Kurogiri disagrees as he believes any further escalation might summon All Might to the place, further irritating All For One. He decides to let the situation settle on its own.

O’Clock observes The Hooded Man’s abilities, noticing how his body utilizes cellular propagation at lightning speed which allow him to not allow stretch and transform his limbs, but also heal and alter its structure. He also notices his martial arts vibe appears to be drilled into his muscle memory, and that said fighting style isn’t compatible with his Quirk, forcing his wind-up attacks to have a lag. O’Clock uses this delay to his advantage, using his Quirk to predict his attacks or create an opening to slice up his muscles, not creating anything lethal, but doing enough damage to keep him held in place.

Tiger Bunny speeds her way through the Underground Facility, making her way to the exit, as the Hooded Man notices this and tries to grab ahold of her. However, O’Clock and The Rapper manage to provide enough hits on the man to distract him long enough for her to escape.

Earlier, O’Clock told them his idea for “Plan B”, in case an unexpected threat showed up. Tiger Bunny asked if she has to get the cops, but he says they wouldn’t be able to handle any opponent he has trouble with, and that summoning the perfect hero to deal with the threat would take too much time. So instead, they should play their ultimate card.

Tiger Bunny busts her way out of the building, as the backup police look on in confusion. She calls for Detective Tanuma, giving him the message from O’Clock, to call All Might.

Chapter Notes

  • O'Clock continues to fight Hood to keep him at bay.
  • All For One is annoyed at being unable to enjoy the battle, and worries about the potential of All Might showing up.
  • Tiger Bunny escapes the Underground Facility to execute O'Clock's "Plan B": Telling Eizo to call All Might.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • The chapter was initially titled Plan B (プランB Puran B?) but was amended in volume release.

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