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Team-Up in the Underground (チームアップ in the UG (アンダーグラウンド) Chīmuappu in the Andāguraundo?) is the ninetieth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Detective Tanuma is waiting outside the Underground facility, telling the rest of the backup to standby until O'Clock returns, when he notices the gas from inside starting to make its way out the door, wondering what's going on down there.

The Rapper and Tiger Bunny "go easy" on everybody.

Inside, the gas continues to cause chaos with everyone's Quirks going out of control. O'Clock notices the gas masks being used by the staff, realizing the event must be a part of some scheme. He steals three masks and gives the other two to Tiger Bunny and The Rapper, as well as a prop gun that can still shoot some rounds.

O'Clock tells the two his plan: since the only way out is through the driveway, he's going to bulldoze his way across everyone straight to the exit. Due to the mysterious mist, he asks Tiger Bunny and Rapper to go on ahead and act as bait to get their attention before he acts. They both ask if they can punch and kick everyone, with O'Clock saying to go easy on them since most are just innocent civilians, which they accept, Rapper reluctantly.

The hooded Man stretches his leg to attack Tiger Bunny.

Tiger Bunny and Rapper join in the beatdown as O'Clock waits back, recognizing his Quirk, Overclock, is much more limiting to use with a mask on, and notices the mist starting to appear again. Figuring out that the user isn't currently in the room, he shoots the security cameras, disabling their point of view.

In the control room, the mysterious man looks on surprised, thinking about how they may fail in their objective, and looks to his assistant, Kurogiri, for advice. He responds reminding him of their asset sent into the field.

The hooded figure prepares to fight, which Rapper happily responds to as he throws a barrage of punches towards the man. However, he effortlessly dodges all of his strikes, stretching his arm and knocking Rapper down. Tiger Bunny jumps into the fray, ready to attack him with a big kick, but he instead stretches his leg out, knocking Tiger Bunny right into Rapper.

As he stretches his arm once more ready to grab them, O'Clock arrives, using a knife to slice the arm up until it explodes. He tells the two to stand by, as he prepares to continue fighting, realizing it can heal, while the hooded figure recognizes him as O'Clock.

Chapter Notes

  • The mysterious men overseeing the facility are confirmed to be All For One and Kurogiri.
    • Their hooded assailant is revealed to be a pre-High End Hood.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • The chapter was initially titled United Front (共闘 Kyōtō?) but was amended in volume release.

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