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Deku & Bakugo Rising, Part 1 ( () () & (アンド) (ばく) (ごう) :ライジング - (ぜん) (ぺん) - Deku Ando Bakugo: Raijingu zenpen?) is the first chapter of a 2-part spin-off tie-in to My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising. Written and illustrated by Yoco Akiyama, it focuses on Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo during their second year in middle school. It was included alongside Chapter 254 in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 3, 2020.

This chapter was later included in Volume 2 of My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions, and officially referred to as "Chapter 9.1" of said series.


Izuku is at the Tatooin Shopping District, enthusiastically reading a hero magazine that contains an interview with All Might and a special on the most recently debuted Heroes. Suddenly, he comes across Katsuki and his two friends.

The long fingered friend steals Izuku's magazine and makes fun of him for looking at the All Might article and still dreaming of becoming a hero despite being Quirkless, making him feel bad. Katsuki takes the magazine and disparagingly throws it back to Izuku with a comment over his shoulder, saying that dreaming is the only thing a useless Quirkless like him can do.

Internally, Izuku knows that Katsuki, unlike him, has a good chance of fulfilling his dream of becoming a hero, but he still wants to believe, despite being Quirkless. Just then, a strange column of smoke emerges between the buildings, and shouts at several passersby. A Villain suddenly appears, using his Quirk to rob wallets and purses, seemingly having the ability to generate smoke.

Seeing this, Izuku considers that they should call a hero, but Katsuki gets excited and thinks of the glory and boost he would get from being the middle schooler who captured a villain, believing that thanks to his feat, he'll get into U.A. High School on recommendation. Although his friends try to stop him, Katsuki throws himself toward the Villain, who generates a smokescreen to get rid of him. Katsuki notices that the Villain's Quirk turns his body to clouds. Katsuki smiles because with his Explosion Quirk, he has the advantage, when he is about to attack, though, the sky suddenly gets dark.

Out of nowhere, a powerful storm breaks out. The strong winds knock down Katsuki, giving the Villain the opportunity to run away. As quickly as the storm arose, the sky clears and becomes sunny again. Katsuki wonders if that sudden storm was caused by the Villain. Be that as it may, Katsuki gets up, more determined than ever to capture the Villain and goes out in pursuit. Izuku admires that Katsuki does not show fear, but he soon realizes that the Villain's Quirk is not what it seems.

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