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Super-Smashing Tiger Bunny! (乱闘! タイガーバニー Rantō! Taigābanī?) is the eighty-ninth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Nobody can stand out against Tiger Bunny's kicks

The announcer continues his intense commentary over Tiger Bunny's beatdown of the entire arena: fighters, audience, and staff. Despite being well out numbered, Tiger Bunny manages to take down everyone with her rapid kicks with absolute ease.

The Ripper and The Rapper arrive to see the chaos; Ripper asks Rapper if he'll also be joining in, but he declines saying its not a proper death match. Ripper decides to use the ruckus to try and slip out of the building, with Rapper close by still pestering about their rematch.

Just then, an alarm goes off, followed by gas starting to pour into the arena. Ripper realizes that the Underground Masquerade Staff put on gas masks to protect themselves, since the gas causes the Quirks of all those who breathe it to rampage out of control. The Ripper, The Rapper, and Tiger Bunny manage to avoid it with the former two hiding behind the corner, and the latter above the cage.

Iwao prevents Tiger Bunny's Quirk from being taken from her

The Ripper suddenly notices a black mist starting to form in front of each of the victims, as a hand appears sucking the Quirks from each person. The mist tries to go for Tiger Bunny next, but The Ripper uses his Quirk to quickly jump in and snag her. The mist starts chasing him, realizing it's tracking them by sight somehow, so makes use of the crowd to slink away back to their blindspot.

The Ripper turns to The Rapper and Tiger Bunny, revealing his identity as the High Speed Hero: O'Clock, and utilizes his right to request aid from civilians in a crisis. He recognizes Tiger Bunny's uniform, saying he'll clear things up with her school, with her responding that they don't need to know about this, asking how she can help.

The Rapper and Tiger Bunny start to have an argument about whether "Kick Power" or "Punch Power" is most important in a fighter, while Iwao declares their mission is to escape the underground structure and meet back up with the police waiting out front. The Rapper and Tiger Bunny are annoyed O'Clock isn't listening to them, but stand their ground to assist when he accuses them of being too scared.

Meanwhile, the two mysterious voices recognize O'Clock and his Quirk, Overclock, as an extremely useful Quirk they shouldn't let slip away, saying they should utilize their top resource, as another mysterious hooded figure emerges from the gas.

Chapter Notes

  • A black mist starts to take the Quirks of the various arena attendees.
  • Iwao reveals his identity as O'Clock to The Rapper and Tiger Bunny, enlisting them to help escape the compound.
  • The two mysterious voices send a hooded figure to try and stop Iwao so they can take his Quirk.

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  • The chapter was initially titled Tiger Bunny (タイガーバニー Taigābanī?) but was amended in volume release.

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