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Hidden Face, Bare Ears (頭隠して耳隠さず Atamakaku Shite Mimi Kakusazu?) is the eighty-eighth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


The masked medical doctor tells The Ripper they want to inject him with a special drug combining a Quirk booster with other stimulants in order to make him a better fighter, also making a point to mention they ask the recipient first if they are still conscious. The Ripper feigns cooperation, almost immediately getting up and using Overlock to snatch the drug needle away and knock out all the accompanying guards.

Iwao declines Rapper's requests to fight again

After taking some pictures of hidden documents and the Sick Bay as evidence they're moving illegal drugs, The Ripper plans to sneak out but runs into The Rapper waiting for him. He gives him half of the prize money, plus a bonus, because he realized The Ripper didn't have his heart in the fight and went down too easy, so it didn't count. He gets excited and asks for a rematch for a real fight to the death, but The Ripper swiftly declines. The Rapper states he could tell The Ripper loves taking part in a good beatdown like that too, but he declines, saying to prefer one-and-done sneak attacks to overly drawn-out fistfights.

The Rapper pushes back stating they had fun in the ring, but The Ripper claims it to all be performance, and it'll be the first and last time he does something so stupid. The Rapper tells him that life's no fun without a little stupid, and that it's the soul that decides hate and love, recognizing that even if The Ripper doesn't admit it, he deep down loves that stuff. Just then, The Ripper starts to hear loud noise seemingly riling up the crowd down in the arena.

Tiger Bunny steals the spotlight.

Rumi suddenly shows up, quickly putting on a wrestler mask and declaring herself to the crowd as "The Masked Mystery Beauty: Tiger Bunny". The announcer and crowd are confused, until one of the people recognize her as "Usako", a bunny-eared schoolgirl from Hiroshima who went around crashing fight clubs and disappeared after being taken into custody and expelled. Rumi tries to hide her true identity, but nobody buys it, so instead just pipes herself up ready to battle.

The two current fighters, Umeda Siberian and Metro Namba Crusher, scold her for getting in the way of their fight and trying to steal the spotlight. They prepare to jump her, but she easily knocks them out with one swift kick, saying that everyone should join in the fight together next. The rest of the audience reacts with enthusiasm as they all attempt to rush into the cage, as the announcer narrates over the chaos, stating there is nothing to gain and nothing to lose.

Meanwhile, two mysterious figures watch over the events at the arena through the security camera, with one thinking about reconsidering his plan to abandon the arena, while the other thinks about harvesting more valuable Quirks.

Chapter Notes

  • More details about Rumi Usagiyama's backstory is shown:
    • In middle school, she went around Hiroshima and crashed various fight clubs, becoming known as the legendary schoolgirl hooligan - bunny-eared "Usako."
    • "Usako" vanished after being taken into custody, and was expelled from her school.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • The chapter was initially titled Intruder (乱入者 Ran'nyū-sha?) but was amended in volume release.
  • Rumi's ring name,"Tiger Bunny", is a reference to the anime Tiger & Bunny.
    • Rumi's mask design is based on the one that wear several Japanese professional wrestlers under the persona of Tiger Mask.
  • In Rumi's flashback, she is seen fighting two guys resembling Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter.

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