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Rap Rap Rap (RAP RAP RAP RAP RAP RAP?) is the eighty-seventh chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


The Rapper is persistent.

The chapter begins shortly before The Rapper attacks Iwao, under the persona of The Ripper, with his barrage of punches. Using his Overclock, Iwao analyzes Rapper's words and gestures, realizing that his opponent has the true intention of attacking him despite being armed with a knife. Since the weapon is of no use to him, he decides to take advantage of the onslaught to drop it in a way that seems natural. He also does the same to get rid of the mask and thus be able to breathe better, since he needs to provide his brain with oxygen every time he uses his Quirk.

The Rapper continues to attack him, and Iwao uses his Quirk to avoid hitting him while still analyzing him, understanding that The Rapper's Quirk let's him unleash a quick flurry of punches. Iwao decides to act like he's knocked down by the blows to put distance between them so he can take another breath. As he gets up, he realizes that his prep as The Ripper the Knife Fighter has no use, so he decides to change his plan and fight like a street brawler.

Iwao continues to defend himself.

Meanwhile, on the streets of Osaka, a young Fat Gum helps a trio of girls from a Hero School. They are on a school trip but have gotten lost, so he gives them the correct directions before leaving. The girls thank him for his help, and prepare to continue with their trip, but one of them caught a whiff of her favorite thing, a scent that indicates that a battle is taking place nearby. Before her friends can stop her, she leaves there jumping in the direction of the place where said battle takes place.

Back to the Underground Masquerade, Iwao defends himself as best he can from The Rapper's never ending rush. Despite the fact that his rival wastes excessive movement with that attack, he can't find an opening, even with his Overclock Quirk. This makes him understand that both Rapper and his Quirk are ideal for underground ring fights. Considering he doesn't need to stay in the ring any more time, Iwao lets himself be “hit” by Rapper to lose the fight on purpose.

Rumi arrives to join the battle.

The “defeated” Ripper is taken to another room where the fighters who ended up seriously injured as a result of the fighting are taken to be supposedly healed, being there other fighters such as Drunk Lee and Master Beast. A member of the medical staff praises him for his fight despite his loss, and to honor him for his efforts, he plans to inject him with a substance that will help him win the next fight.

Meanwhile, Rumi Usagiyama, the student who previously separated from her classmates, finally arrives at the place where the illegal fights take place, eager to participate in the fun as well.

Chapter Notes

  • More details about Rumi Usagiyama's backstory are revealed.
    • She attended a currently-unnamed Hero School in Hiroshima.

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  • The chapter was initially titled Ripper vs. Rapper (リッパーVSラッパー Rippā Bāsasu Rappā?) but was amended in volume release.

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